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    I cannot find the bonus bosses…

    I beat the dragon picked up the charms and nothing..

    • Thanks in advance
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    You should find them in the list of places you go to in the Present Era. You need to kill the final boss first. After that, go through the past, present, and future eras and go to the locations with a red outline around them. One of them should be the bonus dungeon. Make sure that you save the game to a Clear file and then load the game from a Cleared file in order to make the dungeons visible.

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    Thanks, I was hoping it was a something small I missed…


    I claered the game, best the 1st boss with 3 charms. Dialogue: we need to keep searching for the charms…

    Found the 4th charm and have been running around the level and no dialogue boxes.


    The present is ther only era with a red box (ruin of wind and sand)

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