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    Finished this title in day 2
    Poor Enah
    No good ending at all


    Im pretty sure I spoiled that For you in the previous topic XD.



    Hopefully kemco would make AG3 Enah’s Happy ending


    Oh good thing. I think I have to edit my post on the previous topic and enclose it in a Spoiler Tag.

    Hopefully. AG series has had a good story so far. Lets see what they come up with in AG3. If there is one.

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    I’d rather see Alphadia 3 personally. I like the stories in the original Alphadia games much better (even though the first one has really poor dialogue, I still love the overall storyline!)

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    I would not mind AG3 too. I still have yet to play the original Alphadia games, however it seems that EXE-CREATE created something or at least planned to create titled “Alphadia V”:

    宇宙を旅する星 -エデン-



    Stars travel the universe – Eden –

    Fire, water, wind, earth, light, six of the power of darkness is called Enaji
    It had brought a high degree of civilization in [Eden] as magical powers.

    Human, dragon, lived various races such as elves
    By power struggle occurs within the [Eden],
    The situation marks the sudden deployment …

    However the link to it points to Kemco’s website, and when i searched the Net for the Alphadia V, I found nothing…


    I Did Once see the same exact cover Image at kemco’s japanese site ( before it was updated ). I vaguely remember it because I didnt have any common japanese knowledge and Google Translate didn’t even make sense when I translated it.


    I am shocked at how fast this game is moving. Not even 10 hours in (9:30 to be exact) and already at story part 86. I am assuming there are 100 story parts but who knows?

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    I finished everything on this game yesterday (including beating Hades and the secret arena). i don’t think the end is so bad for Enah because it allows to understand better who she is and probably (if alphadia 3 to 5 were translated) how she came to Celesia. funny things in this end is that it completes something else left over from alphadia genesis.

    where i am not clear is the part about


    Enah being cloned by professor Clareson and team when she was discovered aside the huge black stone energy in the ruin. fact is that she goes in deep sleep but it seems that her energy depleted. the text is badly written but it suggests in fact that this Enah was cloned to create the type sigma of alphadia genesis 1 (moved elsewhere to meet Fray). her issue with infinite energy reminds clearly the story of alphadia 1 hero and what he decides to do on alphadia 2 ending. i would really like to play alphadia 3 to 5 in an understandable language to know what happened to Enah as clone in this serie.

    fact is that this Enah seems closer to the goddess we can see in guest in another kemco rpg and this guest star included all 4 versions of Enah (Alphadia 1 costume, Alphadia 2 costume, Hades incarnation and Alphadia Genesis costume before seing the goddess herself). she is indeed a wandering souls from dimension to dimension and a complex character. the only other one from exe create equivalent would be madame curie with 3 differents design too, the brown version appearing in alphadia genesis 1 but is not named.

    thinking that sending her back to celesia to neutralize her energy would be a good idea except for the remnant of black energy (from Hades ?) that activate the curse again. as it is many years later, an alphadia genesis 3 could have occured as a direct sequel of the first one to include dimensional travel as in adivine menace for example or cameo of characters from the first episode. too bad it neevr happened but maybe exe create went to far and fear to not master the complexity of a third episode.


    edit: the game is really short, 14h including all side quests (tetrarch dragons, other side quest & trading stuff). it took only 4h to grind all heroes to level 99 and all classes including “hero” to level 99 and finish Hades (1h battle) and the secret arena + the arena. fact is that the battle shortcut activated allow to skip the battle with monster inferior to you and at level 99 all of them are. it is just a matter of collecting XP to reach the goal.

    i still prefer from afar alphadia genesis 1 and of course the original alphadia 1 and 2.

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