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    MSG Commander

    We have an honest-to-goodness negative review of a game:

    (There may be some others that don’t really praise the particular game, but this is the first review I know of that actually says “Don’t waste your time.”)

    MEGA SHOUTOUT to 1oldtymer for sharing his honest opinion of this “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Game.” 😆

    (I haven’t played it, so I cannot comment on the review) but I truly appreciate that the reviews people write for this site are HONEST, and that people coming here can know that our reviews will not mislead them into thinking a game is great, when it obviously has a lot of issues.

    I’m sure I’ll still play the game sooner or later, but at least now I know not to expect greatness from this one (maybe not even goodness, I don’t know?)

    Anyway, thank you to 1oldtymer, and to everyone else who’s written a review of a game, for all your contributions!

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    This is one game where I have to completely disagree with 1oldtymer.

    I loved it, and everything I found was actually better and 100% better than the train wreck AG was.
    This could be because AG left such a distasteful epitaph in my mind that I comprehended AG2 to be as much as bad as AG, but I was proven wrong.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are some cons that I do agree with Oldtymer. However to each his own. I recommend to try this game.

    In any case I still thank oldtymer for writing yet another detailed review because I know how bad it is to write a review about a bad game.

    MSG Commander

    Like you say, to each his own. Again I haven’t played it yet so I can’t comment one way or the other.

    I have played most of AG (but got bored and never finished it), but I never even played AG2 beyond the first battle (thought I should finish AG first, which, I still haven’t done, lol…)

    I think Alphadia and Alphadia 2 are probably better (well, Alphadia is also garbage but the story is so compelling and I honestly cried at the end of that one.) But you have to play Alphadia, in order for 2 to make sense. (And 2 was quite good.)

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    This is one game where I have to completely disagree with 1oldtymer.

    Same with me. I’ll try to confute negative points in 1oldtymer‘s review.
    No offence pls, It’s just my point of view.

    …I’ll get into the details about grinding after a brief overview of some of the play negatives.

    a repetitive 1-2 hour grind at Metal Gelatin Island

    It’s not necessary. You can beat the storymod without grinding at all.
    Grinding is a part nearly of all Kemco games (I hit top lvl only in AH1, occasionly :)).

    an arena that offers no challenge after you grind and whose exchange items are not needed (but the prizes are helpful)

    Secret arena gives you a challenge like no other Kemco titles.
    Exchange items are second best from AG2P shop, and gives you a great preparation to secret arena & Hades batles.
    Also it’s a good way to farm for seeds.

    long boring dungeons after you grind, so of course you set the encounter rate to “none”

    all monsters, including post-game, are easy to defeat after grinding

    You may say it about every game. Do not grind, if you want challenging battles, simple? 😛
    And I assure that there’s tougth encounters even at cap lvl.
    Btw, game benefits you winning hard battles with “all in strategies” (use most expensive skills; finish the battles with zero mana) -> for A rank you recieve 1x AG2P; for S – 4x AG2P.

    Let’s return to grinding…

    Grinding is standard practice in Kemco rpg games. AG2 almost begs the player to grind, as it has a special class, “Hero,” that is only unlocked after a character has maxed all 4 energi skills (like job classes). On top of that, early in the game, even the random monsters can be difficult to defeat, and arena victories seem out of reach. The existence of Metal Gelatin Island (which becomes available at story point #63) is like a siren song luring the player to the path of quick (but repetitive) leveling up.
    After just a little bit of time there, you can proceed to the arena, where victories reward you with metal weapons. The game developers are clearly begging you to spend time hacking away at the metal monsters. In about an hour you can max out two energi skills for everybody in your party. One more session on the island will unlock “Hero” skills and put you at max level. Of course you don’t have to go through this process to complete the game, or even the post-game, but it seems natural to give your party the best skills and weapons.
    After you become a “Hero,” the game becomes far too easy. That interesting interaction between boosts and skills becomes irrelevant. Those 12 minute ordeals with the Tetrarch Dragons become one turn knockouts.

    I can not totally agree with you here. AG2 does not beg you to grind. You can comlete game without killing a single gelatin, though the random encounters are tougther than in other games. You need grinding only if you want to unlock “Hero”. It’s sad that “Hero” can not be achieved without grinding :(.

    almost all dialog is sexual innuendo

    Probably, you like Elize, as I remember she’s the one and only character speaking with sexual innuendo. But sexual teasing is her line, she’s just that kind of person.

    a continuing character that is completely passive

    not much of a plot

    no character development

    The story is the standard form the party of good guys, and then go beat the bad guys and save the world. Except for one memorable nasty villain, Maurice, everybody is a stock character and nobody really evolves.
    I was hoping to see Enah have a major role in the game. She is critical to the story, but she is a captive locked behind a magic barrier who is there only for the hero to attempt to rescue…
    …Here is a typical interaction between Enah and Dion (the hero):
    Enah: Dion…Dion…Di……
    Dion: Enah! Enah! Where are you? Enah?

    I dunno what you meen by “completly passive”? That there’s not much relashionship development between characters? I think it’s good that these characters are not “blank” Izayoi and all that females that wanna hit him with mappet show as the result. These characters does not need to develop. They’re pretty mature (unlike in other Kemco games). They already has their strong beliefs. When there is time to make decisions, they speak without mumbling and reservations. And, honestly, I’d prefer to play for a strong-willed characters over usual inconsistent weird kiddos 👿 .
    The story from my point of view is pretty solid too. (Though I can not completly disagree with you about most of Ehna-Dion interractions :))

    It’s not a typical good guys beats the bad guys story. It’s more about difference between two species and conflict between them. The Emperor (big bad guy) is not a typical pure evil. He wants to exterminate the whole other specie just to save his own. Cruel? But what if it’s only the way to survive?
    May be this global war for extermination exites only me. Heh, I even had sleeping dream involving this game.

    20 subquests of absolutely no value (almost all rewards are seeds, and I never used a single seed)

    Seeds are good permanent attribute boost here (remember that the cap lvl here is only 99).

    animation on the world map is rather slow

    Possible, but I don’t think it can affect the decision to play game or not.

    the interface is designed to save screen real estate and result in difficulties tapping small menu areas

    Yep, the interface here is unusual and may bring you some hardship.

    Without story, character, or entertaining dialog, the only attraction in AG2 are the challenging battles. Grinding completely eliminates this challenge, so unless you want to handicap yourself and refuse to grind, there is too little pleasure here to waste your time playing AG2 unless you want to attempt the difficult struggle against Enah in the post-post game.

    In total I’d place this game on ~5 place in my personal hit parade (out of ~20 games I’ve played). And first two places are for Legna Tactica & Legend of Ixtona just because they’re Srpg (I’m in love with srpgs :side: ). So, I assume ~3rd place is not bad at all.


    Well, the only thing that I didn’t like about Alphadia Genesis are the confusing / frustrating dungeons with lots of mazes! Although the music of the game is good and the animations are at least better than Revenant Saga. I like that they’ve added an intro movie before the title screen and some characters speeches on their dialogues. There’s more healing skills and group skills here unlike in other Kemco RPGs. Even Revenant Saga has some dungeons that have mazes that are really frustrating, especially if you want to find all of the chests! I think this is one of the Kemco RPGs that are good enough, even if there are flaws or parts that I didn’t like, especially those mazes and long dungeons! And at least, the hidden arena is a bit easier here than Asdivine Hearts’ arena of the parallel world (Reveria).

    Being different and a loner is not a bad choice...

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    …….well,I can’t gave my opinion here(yea seriously…..)I am just gave it a pass


    I humbly disagree with the review too. Its far from being Kemco’s best but AG 2 isn’t really that bad although its my least favorite of the Alphadia series(Alphadia 2 takes that cake).

    Favorites: Blood of Calamity | Chronus Arc | Band of Monster | Machine Knight | Djinm Caster | Justice Chronicles | Unlucky Hero | Fernz Gate | Dragon Lapis

    Disliked: Asdivine Dios | Fairy Elements


    Since I’m a good ways through this (going to pay Maurice a visit at his fortress), I’d put my feelings between 1oldtymer and those disagreeing with him.

    I really like the story — way more than most Kemco games. As said, this is far more of a “shades of gray” game than a “good vs. evil” one, which makes it refreshing. When you have those encounters (whether in person or “behind the scenes with the Empire” cutscenes) with the enemy, you can easily see that they’re a bunch of people more like your party than either side would admit.

    On the other hand, most of the regular encounters are super easy as long as you use all your boosts and have a bit of strategy with who attacks what (if possible, don’t have Elize or Chiffron go after stuff like golems, reapers, dragons and behemoths). Bosses start out really annoying because they take forever to kill; then you get some awesome skills like Alphadia and suddenly, with five boost slots, it’s possible to kill them in one turn. And the dungeons are horrible. Nothing but long, linear paths with tiny side paths leading to treasure. And unless you play on hard, you get guides in case you somehow still can figure it out (don’t ask how that’d be possible; the first Alphadia might have benefited from that, but this one sure didn’t need any help making navigation easier.

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