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    Hi everyone,

    I compiled detailed information about the game in the following spreadsheet, which can also be easily downloaded:

    This file was developed while playing the WiiU version of the game, however I believe all versions must be very similar. The file has lots of spoilers such as name of bosses. Proceed at your own risk

    The following notes are also included in the file:

    – There are 220 treasure chests in the game. I have all of them.
    – Drop/Steal from enemies yields the same items. If you Steal from a boss, you will get that item twice at the end of the battle, but only the rarest/hardest steal of both items.
    – Drop1/Drop2 columns in the Enemies Tab are not ordered in any particular way. Just added them in the order I got the item. However, that does not mean Drop 1 is the easiest Steal, I may have been lucky
    – To learn Magic past Level 75, you will need to Equip a Ring of any level of the desired element and an Unlimited Bracelet at the same time.
    – The best location to learn magic is the Island south of Grimms Cave. The slimes there give tons of SP and can only be killed with critical hits. Be sure to equip critical bands at least in one character.
    – When you learn all the Magic for any given character you should equip a Perfect Ring, this way any character will have access to all magic spells.
    – There is limited quantities of Energi Stones, be sure to use them so you can upgrade all elemental rings. At the end it is possible to have every possible ring and one spare Energi Stone for 100% completion purposes.
    – Quests X1-X7 Names were made up by me. They are not actual quests that are added in Quest log.
    – Be sure to Steal Critical band from Nils at Ohlu Tower. Normally, you could get only 3 Critical Bands, this way you will be able to have a fourth one.

    Notes about AGP:
    1. I currently have 1120 AGP. All areas have at least 20 AGP. Some of the last areas have 40 AGP. Not sure if this is the final amount.
    2. Not sure of how to make AGP to respawn. Making another file will not work. You may need to create another account in the WiiU. ASAIK, only AGP obtained through Quest can be re-obtained in another file.
    3. Don’t buy usable items. It is a total waste, all of them can be obtained as Enemy Drops/Arena Rewards, etc. Do yourself a favor and do not waste your precious AGP in that.
    4. There are six Accessories only available through the Specialty Shop [Mind Earrings (80), Guilty Amulets (110), Total Amulet (130), Condition Earrings 3 (150), Booster Bracelet (70) & Invalid Commune (120)]
    5. There are three Accessories that you can only get 1 in the normal game [Energi Scrunchie (100), Assistance Orb (80) & Case x Charm (100)
    6. There are two Accessories that you can get unlimited quantities in the Arena [Perfect Ring (100) & Guardian Orb (120) – – – Avoid buying these
    7. If you want to buy at least one piece of the limited accessories you will need 660 AGP (More than half your Total AGP, but you still have AGP to spare for your favorite accessories.

    I believe MSG Commander will be using the file to create Tables that adhere to this site formatting.

    Also, sorry for any typos in the file, English is not my primary language. In any case, let me know any comments/corrections/suggestions.

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    Beautiful spreadsheets! I think I’m in love. ?

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Thank you 3beez, I hope this can be useful.

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