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    Can I use AGP for Revived my team?

    i will play the console in the next days, I thought I ask here well it’s old so, maybe that have the ingame shop or not.

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    I believe you can use AGP to revive your team if they fall in battle, but it’s a waste. Shop currency is usually shared between save files, so if you spend it in one file, it’ll be gone even if you load a different file.

    Also, Exe-Create may not allow you to spend Shop currency to revive if you are fighting the ultimate optional superboss. I learned this when fighting the ultimate optional superboss of Wizards of Brandel. When my team got KO’d, the game displayed the message

    Q: Why can’t I revive?

    A: It’s the final battle! You can’t cheat here!

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    In wizard i can that, that was a difficult fight. But wir AGP was it easy.

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