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    1 Town of Nolthia
    2 Town of Celoop
    3 Town of Heim
    4 Town of Heiland
    5 Town of Linbaught
    6 Town of Kashinew
    7 Town of Aureole
    8 Town of Centaurius
    9 Town of Fohlen
    10 Town of Starway
    11 Town of Schwarz
    12 Energi Guild
    13 Omega Tower
    14 Sea Cave of Andago
    15 Cave of Lahnt
    16 Heiland Escape Route
    17 Light Shrine
    18 Tower of Espers
    19 Wind Shrine
    20 Lightning Guild
    21 Earth Shrine
    22 Water Shrine
    23 Neige Tunnel
    24 Schwarz Pass
    25 Dark Shrine
    26 Esper Monument (Water)
    27 Fire Shrine
    28 Schwarz Checkpoint
    29 Promontory Spire
    30 Ruins
    31 Esper Monument (Earth)
    32 Esper Monument (Dark)
    33 Sanctuary of Silence
    34 Itsy-Bitsy Lodge (and Esper Monument (Wind))
    35 Esper Monument (Light)
    36 Esper Monument (Fire)
    37 Turbid Waterway
    38 Cave of Oblivion (via #24 SE) or use Lemmy’s directions (Get the airship and start at Starway, then go south past the large plain until you reach the patch of trees. Then go West and circle Counter-Clockwise around the mountains until you see an opening from the north. The Cave of Oblivion is the north cave.)
    39 Austral Tower

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