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    If for some reason you wish to tackle quest #78 (but if are a follower of this website, then you are too smart to waste your time on #78), here are some tips. The goal of the quest is to add an additional “no growth” break skill to any character who has mastered the initial 5 break skills.

    You initiate #78 by talking to the old man in a house in Linbaught. But he will not give you a meaningful reply that triggers the quest unless you have at least one character who has all break skills mastered. This means that the character has 4 break skills at level 5, plus one “no growth” break skill. You can tell if a skill is “no growth” if on the status screen it never has a “Lv.” shown (all other skills will start at “Lv. 1”).

    Here is a list of the break skills with numbering to assist explaining how to obtain the skills. Note that #5 & #6 are “no growth.”

    1 Cover
    2 Jump
    3 Deflect
    4 Sky Dive
    5 God of Night
    6 Storm Arrow

    1 Spirit Song
    2 Mini Holy
    3 March
    4 Full Protection
    5 Divine Ballad
    6 Pre-Revive

    1 Step Dance
    2 Ram
    3 Energi Waltz
    4 Random Shot
    5 Deadly Dance
    6 Energi Release

    1 Shine Attack
    2 Thrust Bash
    3 Twin Beat
    4 Grand Thrust
    5 Final Beat
    6 Final Heaven

    1 Moonlight
    2 Kagura
    3 Sunlight
    4 Mirage
    5 Steel Cleaver
    6 Serpent Cleaver

    1 Unison Duo
    2 Energi Cannon
    3 Unison Quadra
    4 HP Change
    5 Unison Hexa
    6 Limit Breach

    In order to obtain skill #4, you must use skill #2 (at level 5) 4 times. In other words, Enah would cast level 5 Ram 4 times in order to get #4 Random Shot. The #5 skill is obtained by using skill #1 (at level 5) 5 times. So Jenim casts Cover 5 times to obtain God of Night. (It may be possible to get the #5 skill some other way.) I don’t remember, but I believe skill#3 is also obtained by repeated use of #1 (at level 5). The #6 skills are received as the rewards during quest 78.
    You level up the skills by repeated use (usually 5 times each). You need to repeatedly cast skill #1 (anywhere from 3 to 5 times) to get skill #5 (a no growth skill). Skill numbering on screen will not initially match what I show here. For example, you might get skill #5 before #3, so it would show up initially in the 4th slot. Once all skills are obtained, they will show up as above.

    You must have all 6 characters win their #6 skill to complete quest 78. The process is to first trigger quest 78 and then have a character with maxed break skills 1-5 visit the esper monument which matches the character’s “natural” skill (that is, the one that can be raised to level 99), receive the appropriate item from the monument, then visit the matching shrine and win a one on one battle with the shrine elemental. Note that contrary so some internet notes, character order doesn’t matter (that is, any character go first, second, etc).

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    I vaguely remember completing that quest. For any other game I probably would have given up but for reasons I don’t fully comprehend, I loooooooooove the Alphadia games! (They’re so cheesy but the story just gets me every time!)

    All your base are


    je confirme ton explication est bonne^_^



    I think I’ve figured out the pattern of getting break skills.

    Initially, all characters have skills #1 and #2.

    When you upgrade skill #1 to level 5 by using it, use it 5 or 6 times more and you’ll unlock skill #3. Similarly, upgrade skill #2 to level 5, use it 5 or 6 times more and you’ll unlock skill #4.

    Now,Β  there’re two possible routes before you. You can upgrade skill #3 to level 5, use it 6 times more and unlock non-upgradable skill #5. Alternatively, you can upgrade skill #4 to level 5, use it 6 times more and unlock non-upgradable skill #6.

    Now that at least one character has either skill #5 or skill #6 AND you’ve reached quest 79, you can start quest 78 and get the missing skill (either skill #6 or skill #5, respectively).


    It’s actually around 7 but yeah that’s it.

    The thing is, you need a lot of break drops to do that. And to have those drops, you need a lot of guild cooooooooins to buy them, but they cost around 10.

    And the only way to buy them a lot is not to waste any points you get from the legendary weapons missions and superboss rewards.




    Yeah, grinding break skills was a bit of a pain πŸ™‚ I just entered a battle and kept defending: each time an enemy hits a character, that character’s limit gauge increases, and it’s easy to get at least one limit break per battle.

    BTW, there’s an easy way to grind guild coins. Buying them isn’t feasible (1 million gold for 4 coins? Come on!). But there’s the repeatable guild mission #6: obtain 10 iron mails. They can be bought in Celoop, just south from the Energi Guild. So, fly to Celoop, buy 90 iron mails, take the mission 9 times, et voilΓ  – 9 shiny guild coins.


    That’s not actually worth it at all.

    Like there’s a better option than that like capturing the flag or bringing down wads. And the 1mil for little coins is an obvious scam unless you modded the game with infinite money. (like in Asdivine Hearts)

    And I rather bought King Mail than break drops.


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