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    I found an Uber Boss in this game (the Mission 40 boss – yes Mission 40 does exist, once you complete all other missions talk to Andreigh in the Energi Guild and he unlocks it for you). He has 4 parts and hits like a truck (6-7k on average normal attack).

    Anyone else fought the guy and have tips? I’d love to finish this last boss and be able to call the game 100% complete.


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    What, there is a Mission 40?

    Now I have to replay this game! Thank you for posting and hopefully someone will know how to beat this guy.

    All your base are


    I completed mission 40 and defeated the uber boss. Rewards are 40 ASU coins and an Illumina Stone. How did the long battle of attrition go? I had all characters at level 99 and all knowing Omegadia, and you can expect to see them repeatedly eat dirt. I rarely used any skills except Omegadia, Hinder, Restore 3, and sometimes Dark Curtain (to protect Milfy).

    Have lots of ether energi (I used about 80 of them), hi-elixir, and most important (at least for me), as many break drops as you can amass. (You will use as many as you have, at least 20.) My plan was to try to be at full strength whenever the skeltons are resurrected, and knock them out in a single round, or at most 2 (it takes about 4 Omegadia to kill them all off). The rest of the time is spent healing and preparing for their return.

    Eventually the boss says something like, “I will never die”, and then you know you are close, maybe 10-15 more omegadia and he will fall.

    Break Drops: I used two of Milfy’s break skills (nobody else used any break skills): spirit song and pre-revive. The bad news is that every time Milfy dies (which is often), she needs another break drop. It is a bit discouraging to use the scarce break drop and then see her die before her turn comes around.

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    Oh WOW. I somehow managed to win it. I got the beating of a lifetime from that boss, but somehow I finally pulled through.

    Here’s how I did it! Lost of Trial and Error was involved to get here! (AKA I died. A lot.)

    The word of the day is Break Drops. Lots and lots of Break Drops. But only two characters’ Breaks actually matter, and that’s Milfy’s who will be taking the vast majority, and occasionally Myu’s. I used 25 Break Drops in the fight, leaving me with 25 more. Save all your ASU Coins and buy Break Drops with them if need be – It’s 1 Break Drop for 10 ASU Coins, so I bought 32 with all the ones I saved to get me to the 50.

    So, the important part is to make sure that Milfy and Myu have their best Breaks. Everyone has to have Omegadia, and two spells that also help are Wind Curtain, Hinder and Dark Curtain. 99 Ether Energies are also a must. I did the following: I put up Wind Curtain and Hinder, then Milfy uses Pre-Revive. She is given a Break Drop, and she uses Divine Ballad.

    Healing of HP happens in two ways: Through Ether Energies and through Milfy’s Spirit Song – the first being an item, the second a Break skill, and both not affected by Divine Ballad. The former of course also heal EP which you will need. If Dark Inferno is used, your first priority is to Break Drop and replace Divine Ballad. When you are safe, Break Drop and replace Pre-Revive if you lost it. There was a spot where I’d likely have lost if I didn’t have Pre-Revive up. Note that Pre-Revive is NOT removed by Dark Inferno.

    On occasion, use Myu’s Limit Breach. This is pretty risky, but you’ll be very, very glad when the Skeletons comes up and her Omegadia hits them for 25,000 damage. The downside, more than the EP cost, is usually the constant HP damage. That’s another reason why it’s important to have Pre-Revive up, so that if that gets her killed she can come back and continue the fight. So make sure that if you use it, she’s currently in good shape.

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    How do you unlock Omegadia?



    How do you unlock Omegadia?


    All Energi elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Dark)Β  in max level.

    Depend on Character main energi, their energi should supposed to be at max 99 or at least 50 and up and the rest is 50.



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