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    To refresh memories, here’s the in-game info on this mission:

    Mysterious Thief at Inn

    There have been multiple reports of theft at the inn in Heiland, but no one seems to know who the culprit is. Please conduct an on-site investigation and get to the bottom of this!

    I’ve been to Heiland and talked to everyone…many times. The only info I got was from a guy in the NW corner of town:

    There was a group of men I had never seen before skulking in the shadows on the outskirts of town. I wonder if they and the guy who ran amok here in town are somehow connected.

    I’ve searched all the buildings, including the escape route under Mayor Chocalat’s house. I’ve walked the perimeter of the village. And I’ve battled outside the village as well to see if the thief popped up in random battle. Oh, I also thought maybe the hint from the guy alluded to Jaguar and the Lightning Guild; so, I went there looking, but no joy.

    Does anyone remember any tidbit that might be help me figure this out…of course if you know exactly where the thief is, please tell…it won’t spoil it for me. I’m at frustration point! :whistle: πŸ˜†

    Never mind…*facepalm* Got it. I forgot the one simple rule, when all else fails..

    Stay at the inn.

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    This might be the first time I’ve seen someone solve their own question! B)

    2 points for 3beez!

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