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    In order to get access to the legendary weapons, you must first complete all missions from #1-#30. I would wait until I get the airship before attempting to defeat the enemies that hold the weapons.

    Leon-Excalibur +230 ATK Location: Tower of Espers
    From the main entrance, go north past the 3 statues until you come to a fork where one side is blocked off. Go to the door and open it.

    Jenim-Dominion +250 ATK Location: Turbid Waterway
    (To get there, go north from the Lighting Guild or Southeast from Kashinew to a valley with a cave in it.)

    Baroch-Murakumo +250 ATK Location: Ruins-Upper Stratum
    (To get there, go all the way south from the start of the ruins and keep going south until you reach a door to open.)

    Myu-Death Cannon +180 ATK Location:Sanctuary of Silence
    (To get there,Head south from Aureole and follow the path to the Neige tunnel in the airship as if you were on foot. Once you reach the two bridges, circle around the mountains and enter from the south.)

    Milfy-Zeus Rod +167 ATK Location: Sea Cave of Andago
    (To get there, enter the cave from the south (Northeast of the energi guild) and go to the intersection where the old door that stopped you from finishing M1 and make a right instead of going forward. You should come to a door you can open.)

    Enah(or 1417)-Heaven’s Bagh Nakh +180 ATK Location: Cave of Oblivion
    (To get there, Get the airship and start at Starway, then go south past the large plain until you reach the patch of trees. Then go West and circle Counter-Clockwise around the mountains until you see an opening from the north. The Cave of Oblivion is the north cave.)

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    Hello, well i have Just Activated Mission Guild 36 – Legendary Katana, and I didn’t found any Door at Ruins. I found one at Neigel Tunnel, but it refuses to Unlock. Am i doing something wrong?


    I don’t remember since its been 4 years but I do recall that you have to go all the way south from the entrance of the ruins. As in a straight line that unlocks the door to Baroch’s weapon.

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    Another hint from the internet:

    It’s in The Ruins, at southern end of the central passage on the level you get to after the portal there is a gate which will open if you have accepted the mission, then go down the stairs and around the cavern in a spiral to get to the boss.

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    Ah Thanks. I found it, I Needed to advance in Main Story until i reached the Unlock of Ruins-Upper Sanctum. Thanks for the Help, both of you. And sorry for taking so long to reply.

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