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    Ya completΓ© las 3 mazmorras extra y el final no cambiΓ³

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    I don’t think that anybody has finished the game yet. At least as far as people here are concerned.


    As a PC-only gamer, I haven’t played the game yet, but the rule of thumb for Exe Create games can be considered the following: If you aren’t prompted to save your game after a final boss fight, and if there aren’t any dialogue choices during/after a final boss fight, then it’s safe to assume there isn’t any explicit true ending (route). Optional dungeons or items should have no bearing on the ending unless the game tells you otherwise. I hope the ending at least wasn’t as unsatisfying as in “Alphadia Genesis 2”.

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    Alphadia Series always a straight-forward ending mostly if the story is most based on previous titles.

    I haven’t finished the game yet but unlike Genesis duology, Neo keeps the entry of original series.

    Means it’s just like Asdivine Saga, without Post-game just a straight forward end.

    My journey to end the darkness ends up losing someone I loved. Now I realized that there's no victorious in either sides. It's all about the casualties it caused...

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    This game no have true ending?? But where is van he missing at ending -_-Β  he captured by soldier

    I love rpg games

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    Nope, no true ending, AFAIK. Just three additional post-game dungeons, but nothing affecting the main plot.

    So yeah, Van’s fate remains unknown… Maybe he died when releasing the stored energi, maybe he didn’t. All we know, Souffle continues waiting for him.

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