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    I finished the game almost 100%, and these are the candidates for the best equipment

    • The highest attack weapons are found in the post game dungeons, mainly fububu ruins and chaos tower (2 weapons in each) they are: Primus Stella, Minerva, schweigsam, and fortuna. The Minerva has huge penalties but it boosts the physical attack of the other members.
    • The lubricant weapons obtained from the post game energi lab dungeon.
    • The reward weapons from the energi level reward board: Flamberge, atlahua, night gaunt, and Heimdall.
    • Weapons obtained from chests in the final 2 story dungeons: calidheamh soluis, unfortune, reboot vector, and bident.

    the best armors are obtained from chests guarded by mini bosses in the final dungeon, the sigma vest, and sigma dress. You unfortunately obtain only one of each.

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