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    The Remakes added the Very Hard Difficulty and changed how we should approach the legendary weapon fights since they no longer just die in one turn from everything, especially since Omegadia was changed (So it now sucks) so gonna give a quick little strategy guide on how to approach them and win easily

    (Locations haven’t changed, reference the guide for the original Alphadia for locations)

    All fights were done on Very Hard Difficulty at level 95+ With all energi levels maxed at 99 via the new All Ability Rings from the new point shop. (It does not take long to grind this up Exe Create encounter totems are godsend)

    (Party doesn’t matter that much but for the fastest clear I would suggest Ash, Shion, Eclair and Enah)

    • The first and final Legendary weapon fights:

    They alternate between a single target physical attack and one of the highest tier elemental energi attacks right from the get go.

    Cast Holy on them and cast Reflect on the party, then with Heal Elixirs and Ether Energi’s you should be able to keep yourself alive

    Then, have the party use the strongest elemental energi that the boss is weak too to widdle it down (This does more damage than Omegadia) Keeping yourself topped off in the process and refreshing Holy when necessary

    Once it gets below 25% HP they will cast Alphadia and should you have reflect on the part it will kill itself with Alphadia

    • The other three fights

    Instead of immediately casting strong energi, they all spam physical attacks for the first 33% HP or so.

    Cast Holy and Shield 2 on the party to take basically no damage from the physical attacks and start using the strongest elemental energi corresponding to the enemies weakness, keeping Holy up at all times as well as your HP.

    The instant any of them starts casting energi cast Reflect on the party and heal up, then keep on slowly attacking, they’ll cast more energi instead of physical attacks the lower HP they have which should make surviving easier

    Once they get down to 25% they will cast Alphadia, and provided your party has reflect up they will kill themselves with it, winning you the fight

    And that should do it and show you the power of the “Very Balanced” reflect energi


    Thanks for your tips. Against the most difficult optional boss, as you said, it’s mandatory to have the “Reflect” status active on all party members at all times (otherwise, at least on the hardest – “very hard” – difficulty setting, even party members with 999 MND can get wiped out, even at level 99 with HP maxed out at 9999). The boss’s ATK and AGI should always be debuffed, and everything else is a bonus. It’s possible to inflict “Paralysis” and “Blind” once on him (not sure about “Poison”, which I didn’t manage to inflict), thus granting the party a brief respite. In order to increase the party’s DEF, “Wind Curtain” is the best choice, since it targets all party members, but it’s probably best to use this skill before applying “Reflect” (keep in mind that “Reflect” can and will reflect all Energi arts, even the “friendly” ones). Also, I recommend that the party members with the lowest MND stats solely act as support, because you will probably use a lot of (especially EP) restoration items during the battle.


    What are the areas to find them?

    What stones go to what dungeon.

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