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    In case anyone is wondering: The boss fight against





    Neige Tunnel

    is actually winnable. I brought all party members to level 99, maxed out Enah’s MND stat (999), upgraded the Energy damage bonus (Aid Room) to maximum (100%) and used the “Double Damage” pay-to-shortcut DLC. Enah was close to one-shotting him, so I was actually crazy-prepared; nevertheless, the opponent can still one-shot every party member at this point, so this fight needs to be taken seriously from beginning to end. Edit: Alphadia I features another “unwinnable” boss fight against the exact same opponent (with the exact same stats) at a later point, though if you could manage to “win” the first battle, you can and will “win” the second battle, too.

    As for the reward: There’s none, since the player isn’t supposed to win. At least the game didn’t crash; the game crashing is something that happens in many (especially RPG Maker) indie JRPGs when the player wins a boss fight that is really supposed to be unwinnable.

    The very first fight of Alphadia I remains unwinnable (under normal conditions), though, since there isn’t any opportunity to get stronger beforehand. The only possibility I can think of is to obtain the necessary offensive Aid Room upgrades beforehand, but I think the damage output still wouldn’t be high enough, while the opponent can one-shot the only two party members every tun (that means he would have to miss his attacks a few turns in a row, which is very unlikely to happen, if it’s even possible at all). Sometimes you just can’t win (at first).

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    Same thing in Alphadia II against



    The forgotten Crisis
    Ruins – Lower Stratum


    Dude is supposed to one hit you like in the original. Same thing to M but since this remake has a different scaling, you can beat ’em but it’s already scripted you lose to ’em.

    Fantasy/Mystic Chronicles has a same thing against the Ebony Demon but you can get a different dialogue.

    There is no victors nor losers in war.. only casualties it left…


    Yeah, unwinnable boss fights seem to be a thing in Alphadia I and II. Early on in Alphadia II, there are two boss fights in quick succession against






    . The player is supposed to lose the first fight (and win the second fight), and I gave up on trying to win the first fight, since it’s pretty much impossible to win. Maybe the player could stand a chance with maxed stats, but that would mean hundreds of hours of grinding, since there isn’t any decent grinding opportunity this early (and to make matters worse in this context, Alphadia II features higher level and stat caps than Alphadia I). Well, I appreciate the game at least telling me that I shouldn’t waste (more) time on this “challenge”.

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