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    I’m at the last dungeon of the second part now, and two questions remain unanswered. Perhaps somebody could help me?

    1. Infinite Ambitions. I need to inflict one million HP in one attack to pass, but my characters can manage maybe 50000 with all buffs. They’re at roughly 100th level, and defeated all monsters in Secret Arena already. Do I need to grind to unholy levels, or is there some trick I’m missing?
    2. One last catalogue area. It’s between the Sea and the Turgid Waterway in the catalogue. Does anybody know where is it? In the first part there was one small super-high-level area enclosed by mountains, but in the second part I couldn’t find anything like that.

    “Neige Tunnel – Strong Zone” is the area that you’re still missing. If I remember correctly, you can gain access to this area (through the locked door in Neige Tunnel) by completing all the Guild missions (until the Guild mission shows up that lets you enter the Strong Zone in Neige Tunnel).

    If you can manage to beat the monsters in the outside area of “Esper Monument (Light)”, you can level up your party members very fast. You don’t need to reach maximum level (999), but gaining a few levels is a better use of your time than trying to min-max with an underleveled party.

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    Thanks! With a hundred levels from that missing area, plus some Ultimate enhancements from the Secret Arena, plus a bit of extra damage from the secret room, plus Charge spells, I’ve finally managed to break the million damage threshold 🙂

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    Chroma レイン

    Level 100 is the good-to-go level requirement for Light Esper Monument grinding.

    It takes a while to completely max everyone stats.

    Myu here is level 999 with max 9999 all stats + legendary gun + Energi ring that increases Energi Arts damage (Menu shop).

    Is that a slime?! I hate slimes! Limit Breach release!!!



    There is no victors nor losers in war.. only casualties it left…

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