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    I think you’re looking for “Rei” in Dennev Town – Ruins. If that isn’t the right one, just let me know the names right above and below the gap for the missing companion.


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    Abdu Sharif

    It’s the same for me 3beez, the 6th human is Rei and she is ghost, there’s no information on her and she’s lvl5.

    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD


    Thanks 3beez that was the one I was looking for


    Can’t seem to get Seth even though I have all the cooks in the game and my main characters are at level 75… do my cooks have to be at 75?


    Also I can’t find the first bard who is an elf… on the companion list when looking at races he comes between Theresa and Lachlann can anyone help with this one as well please


    I give up on searching for 3 characters I am looking for. first one is a human in between Natalie and Maurice. 2nd one is human as well in between Ingrid and Barrel. 3rd one is elf between Issac and Crate. one of them is a warrior, other 2 is soul


    seems like yes, I did have all at 75 or higher but was not recruitable until i got all my character to 99, so guess it need to be 76 or higher


    her name is Sorsha and she is located at Altare Town


    It’s a “meh” game to me and didn’t inspire much note taking. This is all I have on companions:

    Name Tribe Job Location Condtion
    1 Leona Human Warrior Sirhyus Village
    2 Taliesin Ogre Warrior Rubeus Town
    3 Cassandra Ogre Warrior Ambur Village
    4 Ronan Ogre Warrior Helianth Town
    5 Arnold Ogre Warrior Altare Town recruit all other warriors
    6 Galvyn Ogre Warrior Mt. Fahyre
    7 Cheetah Anima Warrior Klei Village
    8 Woodsy Anima Warrior Mt. Fahyre
    9 Hosea Human Priest Munlus Tunnel
    10 Sophia Ogre Priest Veynahs Port
    11 Biff Ogre Priest Rubeus Town
    12 Lacey Elf Priest Klei Village
    13 Patricia Elf Priest Altare Town recruit all other priests
    14 Leon Anima Priest Helianth Town
    15 Sullivan Human Mage Topace Port
    16 Ingrid Human Mage Topace Port
    17 Marissa Elf Mage Altare Town
    18 Darren Elf Mage Veynahs Port
    19 Elinoir Elf Mage Tiloh Town recruit all other mages
    20 Cedric Elf Mage Helianth Town give 15 HP Juices
    21 Kylah Elf Mage Klei Village
    22 Molly Anima Mage Altare Town
    23 Shade Human Thief Topace Port
    24 Conroy Ogre Thief Ambur Village
    25 Tasha Ogre Thief Yasrag Tower
    26 Troy Ogre Thief Tiloh Town recruit King of Thieves, Lennard
    27 Huey Elf Thief Tiloh Town give 50,000 gold
    28 Isaac Elf Thief Topace Port
    29 Luther Elf Thief Veynahs Port
    30 Scat Anima Thief Tiloh Town
    31 Lennard Anima Thief Kozwe Pass recruit 7 thieves
    32 Corrine Human Cook Rubeus Town
    33 Bobby Human Cook Helianth Town
    34 Akela Anima Cook Glynmer Ruins
    35 Sorsha Elf Bard Altare Town
    36 Lachlan Elf Bard Rubeus Town
    37 Alexa Elf Bard Topace Port
    38 Nathan Elf Bard Veynahs Port
    39 Minerva Ogre Dancer Rubeus Town
    40 Maureen Ogre Dancer Korhall Port
    41 Abigail Elf Dancer Mt. Fahyre
    42 Melanie Elf Dancer Altare Town
    43 Felicia Anima Dancer Helianth Town give Kitty Chow (found in treasure chest in Kozwe Pass)
    44 Natalie Human Villager Sirhyus Village
    45 Maurice Human Villager Rubeus Town
    46 Oliver Human Villager Altare Town
    47 Rei Human Villager Dennev Town – Ruins
    48 Fergus Ogre Villager Sirhyus Village
    49 Glen Ogre Villager Altare Town
    50 Selma Ogre Villager Topace Port
    51 Maddock Ogre Villager Rubeus Town recruit all other villagers
    52 Owen Ogre Villager Helianth Town (carpenter)
    53 Kallie Elf Villager Sirhyus Village
    54 Max Elf Villager Sirhyus Village
    55 Theresa Elf Villager Ambur Village
    56 Annabelle Elf Villager Sirhyus Village
    57 Hopper Anima Villager Starphul Woods
    58 Hobbes Anima Villager Altare Town
    59 Dresser Human Soul Sirhyus Village get a Tool Set from a carpenter Owen in Helianth Town
    60 Barrel Human Soul Veynahs Port
    61 Flower Pot Ogre Soul Klei Village
    62 Fabled Club Ogre Soul Korhall Port
    63 Rubble Ogre Soul Ambur Village
    64 Bookshelf Elf Soul Sirhyus Village
    65 Crate Elf Soul Veynahs Port
    66 Armand Anima Soul Klei Village
    67 Garfield Ogre Pet Topace Port
    68 Kingsly Anima Pet Tiloh Town recruit all other pets
    69 Tabby Anima Pet Veynahs Port
    70 Willy Anima Pet Sirhyus Village
    71 Figaro Anima Pet Altare Town
    72 Amon Monster Monster Abyss
    73 Lilith Monster Monster Abyss
    74 Lamiah Monster Monster Abyss
    75 Tetrarch, Grievar Monster Monster Anelphos Pillar
    76 Tetrarch, Skalamar Monster Monster Vulcan Pillar
    77 Tetrach, Myriel Monster Monster Galirius Pillar
    78 Tetrach, Ignus Monster Monster Roslond Pillar
    79 Archfiend, Valhyt Monster Monster Archfiend’s Castle
    80 Finn Itherian Itherian Avalonde City
    81 Addiena Itherian Itherian Avalonde City
    82 Lynelle Itherian Itherian Avalonde City
    83 Byron Itherian Itherian Avalonde City
    84 Seth Itherian Itherian Avalonde City get all cooks to level 75 or higher
    85 Bertrand Human Knight Dennev Town – Ruins
    86 Merrick Human Knight Rubeus Town defeat 1 Green Behemoth in Kozwe Pass
    87 Devin Human Knight Dragon Spring register 100+ monsters in Enemy Guide
    88 Elliot Ogre Berserker Glynmer Ruins give 15 STR Juices
    89 Farrel Ogre Berserker Rubeus Town
    90 Mikaela Ogre Berserker Arkus Town Ruins defeat 1 Red Behemoth in lower part of Anelphos Pillar
    91 Stanley Elf Sage Altare Magic Strategy Room at level 40+
    92 Matthias Elf Sage Rubeus Town
    93 Kendrick Elf Sage Helianth Town give 15 INT Juices
    94 Maximus Ogre Dragon General Helianth Town
    95 Tuskor Ogre Dragon General Dragon Spring give 15 VIT Juices
    96 Vlad Ogre Dragon General Kozwe Pass win Pillar Killers 60 or more times
    97 Chief Claudius Human Tribal Chief Stonwahl Fort get all other available humans
    98 Chief Sheridan Ogre Tribal Chief Rubeus Town get all other available ogres
    99 Chief Eragon Elf Tribal Chief Altare Town get all other available elves
    100 Chief Mirabel Anima Tribal Chief Helianth Town get all other available anima
    101 Energi 1417 Summon/Special Summon/Special (Villager) win in Pillar Killers premium lottery
    102 Butler Double Summon/Special Summon/Special (Mage) purchase Butler Key from premium shop
    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Agree, but perfectionist in me wont let it go until I get those 3 characters. thanks for those list.

    ouch I feel sick now, all 3 are in same room and for some reason i didnt search that building. SHAME ON ME.

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