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    WOW! They seem awesome. What are their skills like? I have the Butler Double already but none of the others.



    Muscle instruction . Karim

    all teams : leader’s critical rate 20 up


    Mysterious dance . Bonsai

    Make it easier to encounter metal class enemies.


    Magical power. Enah

    Set team : atk and int up at turn


    Dwarf secret. Bowen

    All teams : all parameters up at start of battle.


    Hero’s spot. Adam

    Set team : when move into vanguard, dmg dealt x 2.5 for one attack


    Tea time failed. Butler

    All enemies : all parameters 5% down for entire battle


    Weak perception. Mia

    Set team : when move to vanguard, all enemy parameters down


    Dark hero . Orzand

    All teams: monster str and int 25% up


    I’m the heroine? Mia

    Set team : small chance when using skill it will be unleashed again except burst strikes.


    Evil hero. Orzand

    Set team: small chance burst gauge will be completely filled on turn.



    @rpgaddict / Luther,
    How many ALPs did you use to gather all the Premium Companions? I hope you didn’t spend too much.

    I have Karim, Enah, Bonsai and Orzand. I hope to get the rest too.

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    Oh don’t worry I’m farming through encounter battle 1 hour I get 1400 or higher ALP. Only bought the game with real money didn’t spend anything.

    To get all companions I think 17k ALP needed.

    I’m busy with work right now, so later I will post all their skill.


    That’s probably the first game where premium currency is that easy to farm xd

    Welcome 😇


    First one is wizard of brandel. Same system got platinum medal n repeated madam Curie farming gem.


    Note: u can see element, how many it can be used in picture. S = Strength F = Force


    Skill Mia

    Hard Knock (10)

    Single : Attacks with a staff, Strength : 450 Occasionally, paralysis

    Healing Wind (5)

    All teams: restores HP. Restore: 670

    Goddess Flash (3)

    Row: Attacks with an explotion of holy lightning. Force : 780 strength up vs. ghost class monsters.

    Regress (2)

    Single: Atacks by dealing negative damage. Strength : 890 occasionally, poison, paralysus & curse.

    Healing Providence (1)

    All Teams: Completely restores HP & cures all abnormal status. Revives with 50% HP. Effect-doubling: X

    Ancient Nova (1)

    Single : Attacks using long forgotten magic. Force : 1250 strength up vs.  ghost class monsters.


    overlord Orzand

    Instant Slash

    Column: Attacks with a shining slash. S : 400

    Shadow Sphere

    All : Attacks with dark smoke. F : 670 occasionally poison

    deadly scythe

    Column : Attacks with the slash of a dark scythe. F : 760 S up for enemies with abnormal status.


    own team: all parametes up

    Evil Stinger

    Row : Attacks with a dark strike. S: 850 Own team: 50% of damage dealt restored as HP.


    All : Attacks 4 – 6 times after detonating a small star. F: 300x 4-6



    Dragon Sinker

    Single : Attacks with a dragon slaying sword skill. S: 450 S up vs dragon class monsters.

    Healing light

    All Teams: Restores Hp. Restore : 670

    vorpal Edge

    Row: Attacks with a piercing slash. S: 620

    Magic reflect

    All teams: reflects magical dmg 1 time. effect doubling none


    All: Attacks with a magical explosion. F: 1050

    Wyrm Destroyer

    see a picture above.


    Bowen skill

    Earth Slash

    Single: Attacks 4 times with an axe. S : 100 x 4

    Gaia’s bless

    All teams: Restores HP, Restore: 670


    Single: attacks with an earth breaking strike. S: 640 ignores defense of metal class monster (no need to be crit to dmg metal monster)

    Wild charge

    own team: Dmg dealt x 2 for next turn.

    Grand break

    All: attacks by busting the ground with a boulder. F: 760

    Giant Slayer

    See picture

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    Mega Shadow

    Single: Attack with overcasting dark energi. F: 640

    wind up punch

    Single: attacks 4 times with pummeling fists. S: 200 x 4

    enah dance

    Single team: nullifies a magical attack 1 time. effect doubling : x


    All: attacks with overwhelming energy. F: 900

    energi release

    own team: all parameters up






    same as soul companions. F: 560 occasionally curse

    Soul energy

    F: 600

    Resulting Fruition

    Single: attacks vehemently. S: 300 steals hope stone when titan class monster is target.

    Psycho break

    Force: 300 x 3 own team: int down

    magna absorb

    All: Randomly attacks as if drinking down something. F: 1000 own team: restores half of dmg dealt as HP.

    Soul Extreme




    tomahawk throw

    Single: Attacks by throwing a tomahawk. S : 400 plus, slightly delay turn.


    own team: atk and def up.

    power slash

    Single attack. S: 600

    titan crush

    Single: Attack 3 times, S: 300 x 3 own team: SPD down.

    Helmet splitter

    attack single enemy, S: 1000 S up on enemy vanguard.

    Severing strike



    Young Butler

    here i go!

    Single: attack 3-5 times, S: 120 x 3-5

    Are you ready for this?

    except own team: ATK and SPD up.

    more power to you!

    All: attacks with an ultra light flame. F: 700

    Liar! didnt work againts boss or secret arena boss

    Single: attacks by flipping over a tray. S: 720 plus, causes to face the rear.

    how about we try this?

    own team: nullifies all dmg until next turn. effect double : X

    this is my service to you!

    see a picture

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