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    I’ve just reached the Secret Arena and halfway through recruiting all the companions. I have a few Premium Companions – Karim, Bonsai, Enah and Orzand, but other than them and maybe a couple more 3.5-star companions, none really reach my standard/expectations. Hence I feel all my 3 teams’ configurations are subpar.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I prefer to put Alan as vanguard and I have 2 Celestial Armors (30% HP heal per turn).


    For one on one with boss I prefer use physical dmg, and switch to magical dmg when normal encounter to farm weapons, exp and gold.

    At first Molly will be our best nuker until getting young Butler. But later I change to Raine as dmg dealer, cause she have nuker skill at lvl 70. One more weapon can be raise to +999 so more dmg with physical, different with magic.

    Important always bring Troy with Raine and equip mjolnir, this old man Troy is ur best dmg dealer to single target. Cross divider which hit 9 times and very high power. But when fight ghost type Switch to magical team.

    So back again to what we face against, always set 1 physical team, 1 support team bard is the best support, 1 magical team contain mage and 1 bard. And for bond at first using magical dmg boost or physical dmg boost. Later on when u got all companions u will get best bond effect ever .

    All for one bond 6 star

    Raise damage dealt x 4





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