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    HR = High Rare   SR = Super Rare   UR = Ultra Rare    ? = unknown


    • HR Laundry Pole (Normal Attacks target a row. STR 15% up)
    • HR Dynamic Knife (Normal Attack damage is divided into 4-hits. STR 20% up)
    • SR Railroad Sword (nullifies parameter reducing effects in battle. INT 25% up)
    • SR Long Edge (Normal Attacks reduce INT, DEF & SPD. STR 30% up)
    • UR Phoenix Sword (?)
    • UR Ultima Blade (Damage x2 for critical attacks, STR 50% up)


    • HR Gold Hammer (adds a 20% gold bonus on the result screen. STR 15% up)
    • HR Delkiutz (Normal attacks slightly delay a target’s actions. STR 20% up)
    • SR Bunyan Axe (Damage x2 for titan class monsters. STR 25% up)
    • SR Wrecking Ball (?)
    • UR Demon Basher (Damage up 40% for successfully landed blows  up to 5 times. STR 40% up)
    • UR Forseti’s Axe (Physical skill damage x1.5. STR 50% up)


    • HR Feline Rod (Damage up to 15% for each anima on team. INT 15% up)
    • HR Helianth Rod (Halves rate of receiving abnormal status. INT 20% up)
    • SR Dodging Rod (Evades all normal attacks from enemies. INT 25% up)
    • SR Banishing Rod (Damage x2 for ghost class enemies)
    • UR Yggdrasil Rod (learned magic skill use increases by 1. INT 40% up) note: only raise hero not companions
    • UR Vanargand (Magic skilled damage x 1.5. INT 50% up)


    • Archfiend Mantle Def 200 (Magical damage received is halved. Self: all parameters up 5%)
    • Archfiend Mask Def 75(Physical damage received is halved. Self: all parameters up 3%)
    • Celestial Armor Def ?(Recovery 30% HP each turn) got this info from islandi , thanks bro
    • Celestial Helmet Def ?(?)
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    @rpgaddict / Luther,

    The full info for:

    Phoenix Sword
    ATK 45
    Normal attacks against wind-class enemies with no resistance are cursed.
    INT 40% up.

    Celestial Armor
    Def 200
    Restores 30% HP each turn.
    Self: All parameters up 5%.

    No luck in acquiring Celestial Helmet yet.

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