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    First u will need item name dropbox which can be get free by reward but only 3 pieces, or buying at ALP shop cost 100 ALP per 5. Don’t worry u can get ALP by chests so it best to bought once and try it.

    For an hour u will get 100% item drop random can be normal or rare, the best time to farm is when u got bond preferred weapon, unlock when have dragon general + berserker + knigh t.

    Almost all weapon u got +10 more power so more exp to upgraded. More faster turn shortcut battle on but no ALP reward. Can be farm in easy mode, but more reward in expert. Best drop in fairyland or Butler spire last floor.

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    I noticed the +1054 bonus for ATK. Is it possible to have more than 100% bonus stats from weapons?

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    what u saw it’s total power from weapon, example forseti axe has 55 original power +999 is 1054. I don’t equip any weapon so 999 from str , 1054 from an axe.

    There an armor that can raise 25% weapon power in battle called paladin armor, each character has it own name.

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    Man I need to get back to playing this game…

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