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    Since there is currently no freemium version, I’m asking these questions now while I consider if this game is worth the current price tag. First of all, when you start the game, do you start with any initial amount of the premium currency (ALP, I believe?) like in other prem versions of games? Also, how overpowered are the things for sale compared to other games (like say, any Asdivine game)?

    Finally, how long is the game on average (not counting any post-game material)?

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

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    I cleared it in around 15 hours of in-game time, though I have to admit I played really really slow. Not to mention I forgot about the ability to warp so I spent a big chunk of my time wandering from town to town by foot.

    You get 1000 premium currency from buying the premium version. The shop has some good stuff, but I think most people will tell you the thing you absolutely want the most is the butler key and the heavy armor. The heavy armor starts off being much better than anything else you can get your hands on until you get the normal ending, but then it starts falling behind, though you’ll still need it to get certain chests or when you’re sick and tired of some of the moving tile puzzles. The butler key will nab you a decent place to grind at mid-game and a secret companion who’s pretty good, but he’s far from the best. I have to admit, I don’t use him that much even earlier on when he was op compared to the other companions.

    Aside from that, the only stuff in the shop are just items that speed up your grind or the gacha for premium gear/companions. I personally still have never done the premium gacha myself lol, but the other posts on the forum here can show you that farming for premium currency is very doable at endgame.


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    I thought $7.99 was too much. For that reason, I decided to wait on a freemium version. And waited. And waited. Then boredom won, and I paid the $7.99. I wish I hadn’t. The game isn’t bad. It’s just that it is no different than the typical Kemco game. There’s nothing in the game to justify the price hike. $4.99 would have been fair. Or maybe even $5.99.

    That being said…I have completed the game and all the bonus content. My game play-time was no different than a typical $4.99 Kemco title.

    As for IAP, I would add to @keepscaite‘s one more item, the Fragrant Mantle. It’s the item you need to get 1 battle per step, a must-have for lazy grinding!

    The premium lottery items (esp. the weapons I won) aren’t anything special. But you might want to try for companions. The prizes for some of the daily stamp achievements are premium tickets. I got lucky and won Enah!

    I hope the $7.99 isn’t going to be Kemco’s new price point. But, I really need a new game…like NOW. lol

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    Whoa $7.99 is a surprise. I got it off of a sale, and after checking a converter, I think I basically got it for around $4.99.

    I dont have a lot of frames of reference, but I enjoyed it more than Hearts and Unlucky Hero.


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