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    Abdu Sharif

    These are the subquests of Alvastia Chronicles, Since I’m still playing the game (about to play post game) I’ll be adding more details about the quests if necessary, btw I like how this game has so many subquests (There’s a total of 25 Subquests in this game).

    Very important tips:

    – Getting the required Subquests items from monsters might take some time (you need to be a bit lucky for the items to drop) so try using an item that increases items’ drop chance (for example “Drop Box”) to get them faster, or a steal skill  to steal the required Items from the monsters (a thief companion’s skill “Steal Item” for example), or a skill/bond that increases the items drop chance.

    – If a certain subquest didn’t appear then progress a bit in the story and it will appear.

    Quest 01: Molly’s Missing Bag.
    Client: Molly.
    Location: Munlus Tunnel.
    My bag of stones should be somewhere around here Please see if you can find it.
    Reward: Hope Stone x4.
    Tips: You don’t have to rush this quest once you enter the tunnel when following the story quest you will meet Molly.

    Quest 02: Dropped Merchandise.
    Client: Taylor.
    Location: Sirhyus Village.
    The goods I dropped should be in Munlus Tunnel. I apologize for this, but see if you can find them!
    Reward: Hope Stone x5.

    Quest 03: Relay Stone Promotion.
    Client: Richard.
    Location: Altare Town.
    Could I get you to exterminate 3 Red Slimes that live around Altare Town?
    Reward: VIT Juice x3.

    Quest 04: Red Purse.
    Client: Luná.
    Location: Sirhyus Village.
    Please find my Red Purse in Starphul Woods, okay? But be careful of any scary monsters there.
    Reward: Heal Gummy x6.

    Quest 05: Lost Item Across the Clouds.
    Client: Luther.
    Location: Veynahs Port.
    I may have left my Pocket Watch on the ship from Korhall Port. Someone there may have it.
    Reward: Miracle Juice x2.

    – You’ll find an npc on the port talk to him and he will ask what you’ve lost.
    – Honesty is key 😉

    Tips: After finishing the quest Luther will offer to be a companion.

    Quest 06: Dear Unknown Receiver.
    Client: Arthur (He’s inside the weapon shop).
    Location: Korhall Port.
    I sent a note in a bottle from this port. Ask someone at Veynahs Port if they’ve seen it and let me know.
    Reward: Premium Ticket x1.
    Tips: Talk to the arthur after finishing the quest for a subquest later on (just to be cautious).

    Quest 07: Mt. Fahyre’s Queens.
    Client: Bianca.
    Location: Ambur Village.
    Please get 3 Striped Plums from the Cool Bees up on Mt. Fahyre for me, okay?
    Reward: Repel Juice x3.

    Quest 08: This Isn’t a Game.
    Client: Curtis.
    Location: Rubeus Town.
    I’m going to hide somewhere in town, so I want you to see if you can find me. You got that?
    Reward: Burst Elixir x2.


    The kid will attempt to hide three times, here are his hiding places:

    The first one: next to the pots beside the weapons shop.

    The second one: near the pots to the right corner of the town chief’s house.

    The third one: inside the small house behind the items shop.

    Quest 09: Relay Stone Rumors.
    Client: Penny.
    Location: Ambur Village.
    If I could have you exterminate 5 Old Corpses near Rubeus Town, that should be enough.
    Reward: SPD Juice x4.
    Tips: Talk to Penny after the quest for a subquest later on.

    Quest 10: A Favorite Treat.
    Client: Nancy.
    Location: Rubeus Town.
    I would like you to collect 4 Charmint Leaves from the Yellow Slimes in the area around town for me.
    Reward: Skill Potion x3.
    Tips: Talk to the client after the quest for later on.

    Quest 11: Power of a Relay Stone.
    Client: Penny.
    Location: Veynahs Port.
    Please defeat 6 Sea Condors out on the cloud sea. I’m confident you can do it!
    Reward: STR Juice x5.

    Quest 12: Drifting Note in the Cloud Sea.
    Client: Clara.
    Location: Topace Port.
    Please deliver that letter to Arthur at Korhall Port. and ask him to reply using a Relay Stone, okay?
    Reward: Premium Ticket x2.

    Quest 13: Grave Trashers.
    Client: Lacey.
    Location: Klei Village.
    Please defeat the monsters trashing Yasrag Tower. However, they may be stronger than the typical ones…
    Reward: Hope Stone x8.
    Tips: you might want to get prepared for this boss fight.

    Quest 14: Rest in Peace.
    Client: Sally.
    Location: Helianth Town.
    I would like you to see if you can buy me a Sagitus Flower at Veynahs Port.
    Reward: Angel Tear x2.

    You will find an npc in the item shop that will give you the flower.

    Quest 15: The Way to a Man’s Stomach.
    Client: Oscar.
    Location: Korhall Port.
    I want you to get 5 Chewy Fillets for me from the Charger Fish that live in the cloud sea!
    Reward: Spirit Tonic x2.

    Quest 16: Place in a Dream.
    Client: Nadine.
    Location: Tiloh Town.
    Ihave nightmares of being attacked by monsters in a town like this. Please get to the bottom of it.
    Reward: Ability Juice x2.

    If you can't find the monster:
    Once you enter the illusionary Tiloh Town go to where there’s two fallen trees and the monster will appear.

    Quest 17: Sentimental Sweets.
    Client: Fred (opposite to the weapon shop in the fort).
    Location: Stonwahl Fort.
    If this Nancy in Rubeus Town is the one who made the candy I liked so much I would love to have some more!
    Reward: Gold Juice x1.

    Quest 18: End of the Rainbow.
    Client: Bryan.
    Location: Topace Port.
    The end of the rainbow should be on a smal island southwest of Topace Port. Send me what you find!
    Reward: EXP Juice x1.

    Quest 19: A Stone to Make One Happy.
    Client: Vince.
    Location: Altare Town.
    Use the power of that stone to send me 30,000 gold. If you do that, you will become even happier!
    Reward: Repel Cider x1.

    Quest 20: Trans-Continental Relay Stones.
    Client: Hobbes.
    Location: Tiloh Town.
    There are War Orcs that roam Pseudo Tiloh Town, I want you to exterminate 7 of them.
    Reward: FP Juice x4.
    Tips: Hobbes will offer to be a companion after finishing the quest.


    Post Game Subquests:
    (These subquests are only available in Post Game).

    Quest 21: Stronger Bridge.
    Client: Clarissa (you will find her inside her house).
    Location: Klei Village.
    I need 6 Entwined Branches that come from the Lovely Pixies living near Whyt Shrine.
    Reward: Excellent Cider x1.

    Quest 22: Dream Bed.
    Client: Primula.
    Location: Helianth Town.
    Earn a bunch of Butler Coins from the battle arena for me, okay? I want 300 of therm!
    Reward: Delete Ore x3.

    Quest 23: King of the Spring.
    Client: Brad (he’s in the Fort, the room where down to the starcase left of the underground entrance, the room where’s hidden passages).
    Location: Stonwahl Fort.
    Please handle the monster that took over the Dragon Spring. I don’t believe it will be any push over, though.
    Reward: Goddess Tear x1.

    Quest 24: Temple Fiends.
    Client: Morgan.
    Location: Avalonde City.
    The target monsters living in Twylit Temple are the White Horses. I ask you exterminate 9 of them.
    Reward: Skill Elxir x2.

    Quest 25: Treasure Beneath the Clouds.
    Client: Nellie.
    Location: Avalonde City.
    Get 8 Sticky Clumps from the Demon Gargoyles in the Archfiend’s Castle for me, okay?
    Reward: Goddess Tear x2.


    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD

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    MSG Commander

    That’s an awesome list, and I love that you added spoiler hints for the more difficult ones!

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    So I’m having I bit of a problem. I have all companions except Hobbes, Chief Mirabel, Chief Sheridan, and Maddock. I have completed the main story and all of the post game, except for the final battle. I have also finished all sidequests except for 20. Hobbes just isn’t there. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is he only there during the main storyline?

    Sa Wright

    Go back and speak to Penny in Veynahs Port after completing quest 11.

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