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    I have been roaming Kozwe Pass for hours looking for a Green Behemoth so that I can recruit Merrick. Him and Claudius is are the last companions I need other than the ones you can buy with Butler Coins.

    I’m wearing armor that gives me an encounter every step and still nothing. I get RNG but I’ve been roaming both the outside and cave area for hours and nothing!

    Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    IIRC you can find 3 rare mob there.
    Rare tree in the area before cave
    Rare bandit in the cave
    Green Behemoth in outside area after the cave.


    I came acroos 2 green behemoths in the final cave of Kozwe pass.


    you can easily find the green behemoth if you follow the first cave you encounter in kowze pass until it leads you back outside. you’ll know you’re in the right place when you emerge because they will be a small cliff and two sets of stairs near you. I will try to attach a pic of the cave entrance so you know where to look. Happy hunting!

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    Hello! I am struggling to locate this creature. I’ve been wondering around this area (see attachment) for a while. I did equip myself with the fragrant mantle as well. I do understand that this is a rare encounter, however, I’m surprised to see that others have encountered this creature multiple times.

    Any other tips?



    I think some kemco games have some rarer enemies only appear in one particular screen of dungeon/place, and this can be a problem at games where there is no “Bestiary by Location”.. It just takes time. Best way to speed up is to remove all effects and max battle speed (optional: set game to easy if you cannot 1-hit enemies otherwise). If you are in correct place it should appear but may take time.

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    The Behemoth enemies definitely appear only in certain parts of dungeons.Β For a while I wondered if the Behemoth that’s exclusive to the final main game dungeon (NOT the final postgame dungeon) was permanently missable, because the final section of the main game dungeon becomes inaccessible in the postgame.

    As it turns out, this Behemoth isn’t missable, just very rare. He might be more common in the section that becomes inaccessible, so it may be worthwhile to find and fight him before getting the Normal Ending.

    In the postgame, this Behemoth only shows up in the deepest parts of the final main game dungeon, where the strongest enemies appear. So there is nothing missable at all in Alvastia Chronicles, not that there is any point to completing the Bestiary other than the fun of it.

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