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    Turns out this game has secret treasure rooms, i.e., rooms that are invisible on the minimap (and can be accessed via hidden passages). Most late-game dungeons have one or two.

    That’s the second time I encounter secret rooms in a Kemco game; the first time was in Seek Hearts.

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    Yeah, I encountered them the first time in “Seek Hearts”, too; the player is explicitly told about them there. Areas outside of the mini-map weren’t totally new back then (I think there was one in “Fernz Gate” or one of the other earlier Exe Create games that players eventually found, because the “Treasure Searcher” item still hadn’t shown a “0”), but they were once-only-in-the-same-game occurrences.

    This is bad for me, though, since I played “Alvastia Chronicles” first, and I honestly don’t remember my treasure hunts there, although I still think my “exploration prowess” should have been good enough even back then.

    Does “Alvastia Chronicles” feature “Treasure Searcher” items that display the number of undiscovered treasure chests left in a dungeon area? If so, then I probably found all treasure chests. If not, then my completionist soul has been ignited. Not enough, though, to replay the game. They’re still enjoyable, but among Exe Create’s games, the 8-bit style ones are my least favorite ones (I’m still looking forward to playing “Dragon Prana” later, though, when it has been released on Steam).

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    Oh, so that’s why I’ve never managed to find all the chests in “Fernz Gate”! Sneaky πŸ™‚

    Yes, “Alvastia Chronicles” does have “Treasure Searcher” items – that’s why I decided to search for secret rooms. So, I guess you’ve already found them all.Β  On the whole, they were pretty easy to find, because the passages to them were visible with an “X-Ray” item active.

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