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    If you’re looking for a JRPG on droid, Kemco is one of the few that makes full offline mobile RPGS. Everywhere else is the crappy mobile gacha lootbox games. So one way or another, you’re forced into this.


    This doesn’t means you should waste money with crap software. Some of latest Exe-Create games were so bad, that most words I could use to describe would be an insult to the word I used to describe. (I’m looking at you in special, Asdivine Hearts 2, you broke my heart </3 ).

    That, for instance, is a game you would be better off skipping.


    Protip: Go to any Kemco game and take a look at “Similar games” list from Google Play. Also, look at the forums for other players suggestions.
    Remember google play search respect (most of) Google’s Regex Expressions, as in, you can use rpg -mmo to get a list of RPG games without the word MMO. You can also use rpg -mmo -pvp, but the more minuses you add, the more specific and less relevant results you get. You’ll be forced to analyse the whole list and Kemco and RPG sheets will be a huge part of them.

    …But it does the trick, it’s good to know you can do both positive searches “RPG offline” as negative searches “RPG -online”.  (Check also for singleplayer and -multiplayer flags) Hopefully with this, you can find shiny games more easily which are usually hidden behind a mass of MMORPGs which only want your money…


    PS. If you do buy this game, please tell me if it is worth $9. I don’t mind playing JRPGs in my computer, so I have to use my budget wisely…

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    Yo those that have asked…I believe this game is worth the money. Granted I am only 5 or 6 hours into it but I think the story and characters are really interesting. Weapon improvement is pretty easy (I’ll post on that later) and the difficulty ramps up pretty well.

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    Moved to Ambition Record forum. 😎

    (Someone let us know if it’s worth $8.99… I’ve passed on the last few games…)

    @msg-commander you’ve forgot to add a game page, I’m curious to hear @lemmythelenny ratings now that he finished it… :angel: :innocent:

    MSG Commander


    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    All your base are



    While i reviewed the game in the game length page, I can also give you a short form here.

    Ambition record takes after the dimension cross line of games and it is basically SSDD. The job system is a joke and has no real customization. The dungeons are bland and the story has no real plot twists.

    Yet, i somehow had fon so there’s that. Mind you that Kemco put P2W mechanics in a full price game. You have to gamble real money to get 2 jobs.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.


    Ambition Record is on sale for New Year, being “only” about 4 dollars.

    Uh, but given the reviews, I think I’ll skip this one. I still have Legends of Tretarchs to finish, anyway.

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