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    I look for the iteam chicken belt and a forest cape. But where can I find that iteams?


    This question is difficult to answer due to how this game handles certain item drops. Equipment drops in particular seem to be dependent on the respective dungeon and/or your party’s level. I know it’s not of much help, but there are enough forests in the game where it could be worth a shot to fight until a Forest Cape drops.

    The Chicken Belt can, as far as I remember, be crafted via synthesis (maybe the Forest Cape can be crafted, too). You should start by checking your synthesis options: Select each type of equipment separately and check what can be crafted by using it with regards to other equipment you’ve acquired.

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    The chicken belt can be converted using the great robe and great mail

    The forest cape can be converted using the crystal robe and crystal mail


    Converting the chicken belt and forest cape makes the mirage coat


    I combos the iteams and get it, thanks

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