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    The best weapons are obtained from the in game awards. The heaven weapons (sword, staff, bow, and knife) are the absolute best in terms of attack and they give a 10% increase in all stats. The heaven’s dagger, however, needs two of the eight part crest from the gatcha crafting shop option which is luck based, and you need to reset the awards to get the second crest. So far there is no other option to get the 15 overkills for the heaven dagger.

    the second best weapons are: Balmung, Caduceus, Garndeva, and curl snout. They are also obtained from the awards, and you get another set from beatin the bosses at the end of the Danger zones areas in Viole forest, flam desert, mount Krail and mount swanil. The entrance to these areas are marked by a sign post and the enemies are stronger than the ones in the dungeon so be prepared.

    the best armors are also obtained from the awards, you get 2 of each of the Diablo coat, and heaven’s robe.


    Best armor is Ancient Armor. It have less defend 190 but all stats 10%. Even tho you cant make it before end game, previous tier have good effect.

    Cheapest conversion step
    Lune + Lune = Nightmare
    Lune + Nightmare = Dark Cloak (magic damage up 20%)
    Nightmare + Dark Cloak = Hope Armor (physical damage up 20%)
    Dark Cloak + Hope Armor = Volcano Belt
    Hope Armor + Volcano Belt = Ancient Belt
    Total 13 Lune robe / 32500 to make one Ancient Belt

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