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    Only the options I picked, and how much trust they raised.
    Usually there are three options: One raises trust, and is noted here. Other does nothing, and the third one lowers trust.

    Trust Raising Events
    First event, when Lunaria is about to leave village.
    Go with her (+10)

    Peridot Town
    Safira: “Yeah, no problem” (+10)
    Jade: “Medicinal Herbs, I guess” (+10)
    Lunaria: “It’s cute” (+10)

    On the Ship
    Safira: “Because you’re from Ruta Tribe?” (+10)
    Jade: “It smells good!” (+10)
    Lunaria: “Don’t worry” (+10)

    Streen Village
    Jade: “You know so much, don’t you!” (+5)
    Safira: “Don’t go” (+5)

    Spinell Village
    Safira: “I may be” (+10)
    Jade: “Sounds fun” (+10)
    Lunaria: “Yeah, okay” (+10)

    …And this is as far as I went on the story.
    If someone else want/can complete this list, you’re welcome 🙂

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

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    Actually you able to gain a bonus trust raising(???)event well,i dont remember but it had incridible effect(of course it was IAP item(like four leave clover and so on)mah-hah-hah-hah

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