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    So I “played” like a 20 minutes of it, and spammed some screenshots.

    Looks like Maids appear again as a battle arena because the Guild Points now are called Maid Points.
    We don’t have in this game LIP, but diamonds. They’re used to purchase premium items (and the shop is really, but really poor..). With them we can purchase a third slot for accessories. Also, two more slots to farm…. however this sounds :P.

    In this game the Welcome Arkstone seems is existing too. However, not as an arkstone, but as an orb. But it costs 500 diamonds.





    I added a single STR Seed, and waited an hour to get a pack of three better STR Seeds that increase STR by 2-6.

    Main Menu:






    Looks like of of them is for skills (explained below), and the other for weapons.



    I would love to say that the starred ones are accessories and the not starred ones are skills…. .if only the very first line (Special Gem, Omamori Gem, Accel Gem, and Attribute Gem Alpha) would also have the stars, and would not prove otherwise like they do right now… But maybe Kemco just made a mistake. Or maybe the star means something else.

    Anyway, the skill I got from the default ticket had two stars, so the Rare ones from the list aren’t the very first rank of stuff, but second. I also been loading the game a couple of times prior opening the ticket, and got two different skills (which means that the default ticket also has random drops):

    – Mina Cure (considering of how “mina” and “minna” in Japanese mean “all”, I think this is just a mass cure, but I do not have enough MP to try it out :P)
    – Dark Soul (an attack)

    Skills and Magic:


    So, as we can see both skills and magic can level up now.

    The first screen shows magic. We have three magic elements, fire, water and earth. And now we also know at which level we gain them! The very last one is acquired at a lvl 99.

    The second scren shows skills.I bet they’re the same as from the Menace. We shall see….

    The third screen shows multi-element magic (and the Dark Soul). Unlike the magic and skills, they’re acquired only (at least at this point of the game) from objects. We get an object, and decide to use it on who. And the target receives a multi-element skill.

    Leveling up everything will be the worst ever nightmare……



    I must say that I love the design of the city. It is pretty lively. Even though it probably isn’t looking like that on the screen.



    This bonus has a large size, almost a 1.5 MB in total. They’re PNG files of the loading screen that appears for a fraction of a second. They’re a bit different than the menu screen, so I decided to catch them (it took me several tries to perfectly timing the screenshot button :P).


    Looks like the software resized the two bonus screens. They’re there:


    Like always, I can rely on Nemo for Info.
    Anyways the game looks awesome.

    Get ready for some questions :p
    The UI is very Similar to Hearts and that’s Good.
    So the Star ones are Accessories…. But are those accessories used to change the appearance of the Character?
    So Magic and Skills can both be leveled up? Niceeee. But How did you get so many Skills and Magics? Are they like given as Items?
    Loving the Arrow keys. They look quite well made.
    And its good that the GUI in battle is not so clustered like in Dios and Menace.
    So in Farming do you only plant seeds or other items as well. Is the Product always good or the it does have a side effect?
    Tickets? What do these do. Unlock awesome materials.

    Cool, my new wall paper is here :p


    Like always, I can rely on Nemo for Info.


    I have not yet (except for the battle screen) left the first city… so I can’t say much about what the gems do, because I don’t have any. But at least the MC now wants to sleep in his own bed. And that Seraph character (the only one without a mugshot there: appears at the start of the game too giving the MC some stuff. Looks like she is his sister, mother, waifu or some other mistress….

    The list just shows all possible skills and magic, but they’re locked. The multi-element ones can be unlocked by objects, and the other ones by leveling characters up. In that screen I just have a single Fire skill and single multi-element skill.

    About farming I don’t know. The first one was good, and the other one (also STR Seed) was good too. So I think they’re always good. But I don’t have any other Seeds to use, and the game doesn’t allow farming other objects.

    The tickets are like buster tickets ;).

    And yeah, I pretty much wanted only the one from Menace, because Nemesis looks really incredibly there. Without any fancy colours on her. In fact Izayoi also looks a litte like a devil on it.


    The MC looks too young to have a Wife lol. Sister is a better bet for me then Mother, but it can be the latter.

    So you are shown before hand what spells you can learn. That’s a good inclusion actually.

    So only seeds huh.

    I wanted the image, but my butter fingers are to slow to capture the image lol.


    BTW, I just noticed that everything costs in MP… both magic and skills…. And also, looks like the monster guide is missing. Maybe it is given later, but as of now I can’t see it.


    And looks like our residential doppelganger doesn’t level up… and all their skills (but multi element ones) are based on attributes… Also, please loot at the background…


    Leveling up skills is a pain in the… is a murder <_< Always not enough MP >_>


    My Goodness The Game Is Beautiful Lol. There Was Extra Amount Of Care Put in This Game…….


    Indeed, what like what at least I cannot say a bad word about the graphics xD.

    Right after the first boss of the game, and before the second boss of the game (within like 10 minutes of “normal” playing) we get all party members. Only the slime is a weirdo (still, in a way she’s a better weirdo than that total masochist from Cross…). I must admit that while playing alone and with just 1 party member on hard was really kind of hard, now I’m playing on Hell difficulty and it isn’t really hard… and the auto battle mode is really super – it is so fast that You even won’t notice when the battle ended. It sure is fast…..

    And really… the MP Regen in this game is a MUST!

    Third shop, this time it sells weapons for diamonds:



    So.. I played it a bit more…

    And it looks to be super easy even on Hell difficulty and random encounter x2. Bosses at times are difficult, but usually just a single party member is killed (and revived soon after), so nothing to worry about.

    The icons are misleading! Even though they’re the same as in the Asdivine, You still will have troubles finding out what each icon actually does :P.

    And we have a day and night mode in this game! The night more happens when we are all alone and have to talk to our party members for their trust. Apparently, their trust now can also decrease (did not tried that, but it seems so).

    This game has a really SOLID wall of text. Be prepared…

    The GFX is amazing! The lack of monster guide is a murder….

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