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    In the IAP shop, you can buy items similar to EXP Orbs, Skill Orbs, etc. where just owning the item increases EXP or Skill growth.

    But unlike other games, you can buy more than one of the same item – and the effects stack! (For example, one Experience Value Bead gives you 2x EXP, while 2 gives 3x, and so on.)

    Since skill growth seems to be the key feature in this game (well, one of them anyway) I decided to buy two Skill Level Beads. Now, this is even a greater bonus than the EXP one: 1 Skill Level Bead = 3x skill growth, 2 = 5x, 3=7x, etc. (But, 2 Beads cost 1,000 points, which is all I’ve got to play with.)

    So, what is everyone else buying with the free points?

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    So far, I’ve unlocked all three pots in the farm, and purchased one Coin boost as there are several things in the Arena Exchange that I like early in the game (Attract Jewel, Heavy Jewel). Since I’m playing on Easy, I haven’t really needed exp, sp or gold boosts. Yet. I think the next thing might be to unlock the extra accessory slots. Maybe.

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    Well I’m f2p player so no free points for me. I have farmed Alchemy stones from hidden arena and bought these so far..
    1. Two plant pots! They’re gonna be soo useful in the long run.
    2. Lunaria’s 3rd accessory slot.
    3. Dark dress which cost 600 Alchemy stones. It changes both female character’s outfit. You can’t get this armor from gacha-ing in shop btw, so why not. I might buy Deluxe suit if I farm more Alchemy stones.

    Lunaria’s outfit:


    Safira’s outfit:


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    Don’t forget you can Tweet once a day for 10 free points (and to all who do, please be respectful of Kemco and actually publish the tweets. It’s free advertising for them, and I promise it won’t hurt your followers.)

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    Hahaha that right

    This one is telling the

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