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    Lunaria: Bine, I want you to use Ali’s Rope-a-Dope tactic, and when you get a chance, use your lvl 23 Alpha Blade.
    Bine: Wow, you want her to just pound me into the dust?
    Lunaria: Don’t worry, I’m giving you this undead gem, and I’ll revive you when you go down.
    Bine: I’m not sure I should thank you.
    Jade: Hey, what about me? And Safiria? Don’t we get to do something?
    Lunaria: I’m sorry to say that you will probably never get a turn, but if you do,
    don’t bother trying to hurt her, just slow her down. Safiria, you can
    use your ice shot to make her more vulnerable to Bine’s Alpha Blade.
    Safiria: But what will you be doing Lunaria?
    Lunaria: I’ll be busy restoring myself and all of you! If I get a chance, I’ll pop her with my maxed out Ice Shot.
    The team used this strategy to defeat the Slightly Serious Team on HARD.
    It would have been easier, I think, if my characters had max HP and
    max HP restore effects, and perhaps max Speed, but sadly, they did not.

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    I always enjoy these posts. :cheer:

    All your base are


    Actually you just need to use dream 16 hit or miracle random flurry i win that fight just using lunaria again and again(actually you will get maidame curie crest after that,if someone know about helium backup save and sbenny forum you can get 999.999.999 alchemy jewel)

    This one is telling the


    I have fought her on HARD too, but using a different strategy.
    I didn’t use Alpha Blade this time round, but focused mainly on using Substitute + Stun Bash to delay her turn and inflict damage at the same time.

    All the equipment, skills and magic I used can be learnt, found or exchanged at Spinelli Port’s Arena

    Take note that she can cast Faint Countdown, so remember to equip Amulet Gem on all characters.

    A 2nd similar strategy is to use Aqua Meteor (which also has Slow Action effect) + Substitute.
    So instead of Bine executing Stun Bash, I have Lunaria keep casting Aqua Meteor.
    Note: This strategy only applies when you have Aqua Meteor, which can only be obtained from Gems and Magic Stones Refining

    I recorded a 10-minutes+ video for the 1st strategy (Substitute + Stun Bash) and I’m sharing below.

    Update: Besides Stun Bash and Aqua Meteor, Flame Meteor also has the effect of delaying enemies’ turns. It can be found in the last dungeon Carbonado.


    Hey, that’s great. My characters unfortunately are at much lower HP, which I plan to remedy with some effects. I tried using spd down, spd up, to slow her down, and didn’t work as well as your bash. I have built mud trudge up to about level 80, so I’ll try that next time around. I have the amulet gems on everybody, but of course the nasty is the mini she uses. I haven’t been able to block that. Once I get some HP on my characters, I’ll try the Mud Trudge and Bash to slow her down, and if I have more than Lunaria alive, I should be able to defeat her. Slowing her down is the big deal, and your technique to do that is the key.

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    Yes, the main idea is to keep delaying her turn and deny her any opportunity to attack.
    Besides slowing her down, you also need to reduce her Defence so that Bine’s Stun Bash can hit harder.

    For increasing all your characters’ HP and MP, give them Excellent Bean.
    For stats, give them Ultimate Bean.
    You can obtain these 2 items in Forgotten Port’s Secret Arena.


    Lunaria: Hey, Bine, now we will take her down on HELL. Are you ready?
    Bine: I have a great idea. Let’s let Jade be the punching bag, and I’ll do healing.
    Lunaria: Sorry, Bine, but you are our strongest fighter, so we need you to attack.
    Bine: Not again! Please, please Lunaria, pick somebody else.
    Lunaria: Jade and Safiria, get in the rear guard, close your eyes, and pray.
    Bine, remember, Alpha Blade, don’t bother with Stun.
    I’ll lower her defense with my Ice Shot, and then you smack her.
    Bine: Maybe I should have bought that life insurance…
    Same strategy as before, and a VICTORY on HELL.

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    Besides Stun Bash and Aqua Meteor, Flame Meteor also has the effect of delaying enemies’ turns. It can be found in the last dungeon Carbonado.

    The weapon for Safira from Secret Arena Eternal Sphere (Atk 300) also delays an enemy’s action when a normal attack is successful.


    This is what you get when you beat the team: Maidame Curie’s Crest :woohoo:

    On a side note you can paralyze her but only for one turn.


    Thanks for the note that she can be paralyzed; I didn’t try that (I do have available a 100% effect) as I just assumed it wouldn’t work.

    Older, but not wiser

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