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    In the quest for finding the missing villagers in Pearl Marsh, I’ve only found 3 villagers so far and can’t find the last one. The first two villagers I had to fight demons first before getting them, the third villager was a girl staring in front of a lake saying that the information about the kidnapped were just a lie.

    Now I think that the last villager is supposed to be in the in the left corner where the 3rd villager is supposed on to be on the upper right. But when I enter that room/side of the forest, all I can see is a healing rune and nothing else. The healing rune is placed before every demon/boss fight, but there isn’t anything there, no cut scenes whatsoever, and now I’m stuck.

    Am I doing something wrong, forgetting something or is my game broke?

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    Hi FANNYMAN, and welcome. I wish I could help you on this one, but I didn’t pay that close attention myself by the time I reached Pearl Marsh. Hopefully someone will be able to help out, in the meantime, are you sure you’ve explored the entire dungeon? (Maybe there was a path that you missed?)

    Also this might be really dumb (but I’ve given dumb advice before, so I’m okay with it lol), but check the Story Quest, or the World Map screen, to see if it still says you need to find the missing villagers. If so, there’s one more in there; if it says to go somewhere else, you found them all but missed the dialogue that said you’re done there.

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    I don’t remember exactly where, but I also wandered around just like you describe, but somewhere in there I found the 4th villager. So no, I don’t think your game is broken.

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    After exploring the pearl marsh a bit more, spent about an hour, I saw that there’s another room/side to the forest before the room where I speculated where the final villgaer is and the 3rd villager. Felt immensely stupid right after seeing the villager there.

    The room where I said there wasn’t any cutscenes or enemies, it spawned a demon after I saw the 4th villager…

    I’m a bit sorry for being stupid and wasting some of your time, but thanks for telling me to explore a bit more, or else I would’ve dropped it…


    Hey, I struggled finding that 4th villager too, so you have company!

    Older, but not wiser

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