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    The game is really short and because of that each dungeon is short but filled with equipment, items and Stars.

    Tips (Note that the game is made in a great way so you’ll quickly see every new strategy early) 

    1. Story : You don’t have to search for anything most of the time because you’re guided through the story by hand.. or rather arrows if you actually get lost (but I doubt it will ever happen. Not only that, but in top left corner you will see current mission.
    2. Stars: As you progress through the game you will come across Orbs. These are Stars that can be used in many ways : Do critical hit, fully heal outside of combat(herbs are more efficient way for it or some specific skills), open Chests with equipment or doors. Early on you won’t get much of them but quickly you will see them lying everywhere. Best thing for them is that they can Revive you in case you die by accident.
    3. Party : Every character equipment and health is summed up (not sure how it works at skills) so there’s no way to Revive yourself in other way than stars but healing is easy when you get additional party members.
    4. Equipment : If you have choices, equip weapons and armors with additional effects for everyone. Why? Check above. Additional effects are overall better than stronger weapon with no effect.
    5. Shops: Seriously? Three shops in the game? And you can only visit it once? Well, that’s because shops aren’t necessary to visit in the game aside from the fact that all equipment in 2nd and 3rd shop costs exactly the same amount of gold and it won’t carry over to next playthrough if you would want to. Only useful thing is thunderbolt (never used them but as it’ so dealing damage you might as well try it when you have a turn with no skills to use) and herbs. A stock of cure all’s is good at last two chapters)
    6. Grinding :Well, I am pretty sure that you won’t ever need to grind. Maybe just before last boss if you want to beat it without revives.

    7.      And last but not least :Your party “jobs” :

    Your Main character : Obviously Hero because skills deal a lot of damage to bosses (especially third skill is a blessing and a death wish), a little less effective on normal enemies.

    2nd Character : Brutal Healer: Yes, for me she’s just doing similar damage to bosses early as well as similar low damage later to enemies. But she’s the healer every 2nd turn by restoring 70% health at any point of the game. Oh, and sleep damaging skill works great. Sleep->heal combo is awesome.

    3rd Character : One Man Army. Why? Although he is terrible at boss fights, his first skill can pretty much kill all enemies in a second. Also he has a skill that heals you by around 20% health while dealing damage to enemies.

    4th character :Thieves Dying Wish. Last one to join sadly. Comes with handy steal skill which always gives either equipment (1st time at any boss) or Herbs (any enemy or boss 2 and 3 steal) Pretty much she has two awesome skills which sadly aren’t as useful as they should because it makes every non-boss fight a cake but reduces your health by 20% which makes last chapter like healing after every 2nd encounter. Third Character is all you want and need for all chapters after you find him.









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