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    So I finally finished the game and the post game, thought to write a general guide for beginners or those who have not finished yet.

    First, in app purchases. You get 1 GLP per 3 battles it seems. The only thing you might need are the instant encounter ring for convenience, and the golem endurance boosting items. The others you can find in game, while the int boost of 3 is minimal compared to end game int values of 1k+, gold boost is ok if you want more money, exp boost not worth it since level cap is only 99.

    General golem build seems to be all points into str/def, and def for that one golem that scales on def. Mobility seems to not be worth it too much, even the golem/edea stone that does extra dmg based on mobility does not scale anywhere near enough to be worth it, maybe if it was buffed by like 10x or something.

    Because of the endurance system, and the endurance upgrade item only increasing endurance by 100 and limited to 1 per golem, it’s best to just use the newest golems you found for better stats. There’s also a post game golem in the west hidden island, haven’t found any other ones.

    Combos is a mix of you applying a status effect first, followed by hitting the enemy with an appropriate elemental weapon. Not really worth it imo as that’s basically 2 turns, I’ve never bothered with combos in my entire run. I did however use the special ammo just for status effects, especially shock (spd down), frost (def down), acid (dot), and jammer only for mechs (atk, def, spd down). My def golem/lock was running the fortify block cannons because they were built pure def/def and mob mix so they did no damage either way. You’ll also find some weapons that also strips buff which is good as well, since fortify block does not strip, and it’ll really help vs enemies with intercept (can’t take dmg for x turns).

    I’ve already written a post of all the bounties in game, feel free to refer to it if you’re lost. Post game bounties only give gold and nothing else. I’m not actually sure if I did everything post game, I hunted all the new bounties and didn’t really get notification from the three post game npcs of other things to do, but I feel like there could be more as the story entry sounds like there might be more. If someone finds more after the bounties I’d like to know.


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    Sin shine

    Since you finish the game can you tell me where I can get more special ammunition?


    Midway game you get option to choose when buying Black Edea. This item passively boost 4th character stats when in human form. Obviously Shooting is the best. Base crit + shooting + slasher (40 crit weapon) + crit/killer ring = 100% crit.

    Esperansa = 20% max HP
    Shooting = 25 Crit rate
    High Tension = 25 speed
    ReliefΒ  = 35 spirit

    Golem upgrading.
    Upgrading consumes golem endurance and reduce BP. You dont want to fully upgrade golem to the limit. They will be so squishy, just upgrade till 50% of endurance. Keep your endurance boost item for final golem (Plumme, Genesis, Revier). Dont bother to upgrade Orooga. It have poor attack scaling. For Plumme you can either do attack or defend build. Defend build Plumme use 3rd passive and Solid edea.

    Golem weapon.
    If you follow upgrade build above, your attack would be so high that weapon attack doesnt matter. What you want is weapon with special effect. Machine gun deal damage to whole line.

    Cannon (main weapon)
    Jammer and Violent = extra cooldown make this weapon bad. use special ammo instead.
    Shaman = prevent enemy from getting buff, really useful and buyable later
    Fiery = remove enemy buff, only 3 in the game.

    Gun (sub weapon)
    Raven = high multi attack rate, good vs boss
    Reaper = higher crit rate
    Insane = you must be insane to use lower hit rate weapon

    Machine gun (sub weapon)
    Griffin = lower hit rate is bad
    Looser = chance to reduce enemy turn point
    Dragoon = good for dealing normal mobs

    Lock level up status.
    Attack is better option here. He could go full def + solid edea + l-heavy passive but the damage not far off from defend build Plumme. You want to add mobility too (around 40-100). You get 1 free status reset item through the game.

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    GLP can this revive you if you die in battle?

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