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    I can not seem to get him to appear. Is there some prerequisite that must be met before he will pop up? I went to that forest before I think the bounty was available so I hope that didn’t bug out the flag for it or something.

    I’m now getting ready to storm the hidden forest base and I STILL can’t get Griever to appear. I’ve went back to that forest 5 times throughout the story and spent 30 minutes zoning in the last area and trying everything I can think of he’s just not there. I know where he is supposed to be by watching a YouTube vid.

    The bounty is still available. The center tells me he’s in the forest to the east. Any help would be appreciated.


    EDIT: The problem has been resolved. For anyone that may run across this in the future though… it was a shoe I stole from a house. I somehow had missed it every other time. After that he appeared the next time I went.


    Thank you from the future, then 😉

    For the next ones looking for griever in the dying forest, see where to find those shoes here at around 21:00 :

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