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    ( I do not Know if this should be here, since it IS kemco related but its also not released in English so I cant post it in the “Whats New” Category Aswell so I posted it here. MSG Commander is Free to Lop This Around to it’s suitable place )

    So Did You guys here know about the new game in Asdivine Series ( its actually like the 4rth One ) called Asdivine Cross. Looks like Izayoi and His Gang is not here in this game. Similarly neither are Zack And His Group. But what worth looking at is the main protagonist is has a Very Striking Resemblance to both Stella and Zack( Even his pose is similar to Zack and His Hair Color is light Golden and eye color is purple much like Stella ) and well I may be over speculating this alot so I shall leave as is( Lolz ).
    However the Party does consist of the Protagonist(Like Zack), Childhood friend like(Stella), Priestess(Like Celine) and other one might be different but did look like she would fill the role of Uriel. No Cat God this time. Similarly Noticed Marie Curie( Hair Cut, oh wow ) and Jolie Curie( She got her own image now). So you guys are free to write whatever you want according to that game here. And Lets see If the little Japanese I know proved useful to me( Or Not ).

    MSG Commander

    I realize the English-speaking market for Kemco games is probably smaller than their Japanese market, but……

    WHERE’S THE LOVE KEMCO?!?!?! :silly: :blink: :blush:


    I’m thrilled that they’ve released any games in the US – but I’m always so jealous when I hear about the games that are out in Japan, that I didn’t even know they exist. :ohmy:

    Oh well, I’ll just have to pass the time with the 15 or 20 games of theirs that I’ve bought (on sale) but still haven’t found time to play yet! :side:

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    MSG Commander


    Sorry I didn’t mention earlier, but this is absolutely the right category for this post (since we don’t officially have Asdivine Cross in the US).

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    Its A Miracle Enough That No game was left out for the English Speaking Community. Though we may have to eait for this like in 7-9 Months? Since there are so many games that are yet to be translated and played before Asdivine Cross. So Yeah We will have to wait quite a while for this.
    Also I noticed that there are no Unisons this time around and the GUI is exactly the same as in Asdivine Dios and Menace. I miss the GUI of Asdivine Hearts and Kresia. Even Infinite Dunamis had a better GUI.


    I already beat the Asdivine Cross. Though, it is rather a remake of one of the EXE-CREATE’s games than a new fresh game. The other Asdivine game that was not remaked yet is Asdivine SaGa.

    Anyway, this game is pretty interesting. I hid some details about it in the Spoiler below:

    1. It seems that it is in a way similar to Asdivine Hearts, but this time the Shadow Deity helps us, and at the end we fight the Light Deity.

    2. The third girl (Lupinas) is a some kind of a doppelganger, and she can take a form of anybody and anything. Which means that she can “steal” attacks from the enemies. She also can use attacks from the main heroes, but yet I didn’t find out how she learns them. Luckily for us, the attacks that deal damage now have stars and by the number of them we can tell which attack is stronger. This helps a lot.

    3. Maidame Curie appears, of course, along with Jolie. Maidame doesn’t do much here, only appears briefly in a post story murderous dungeon that has enemies that drop “Maid weapons” (some of them are also dropped on the tiny island near the Fairy Land and whirlpool on the South). The boss there is summoned by Maidame, and that’s all. That boss is pretty hard and I couldn’t beat it yet even on Easy (characters were like lvl 300).

    4. However, it seems she might be involved in the post game. The Asdivine Cross doesn’t have a post game content. Similarly as with Kreisia, we have to beat the game again to see more stuff. I’m currently beating it, so I don’t know yet what extras have been added. The thing i can say for sure is that from time to time the slightly different characters appear as ghosts to witness the events they probably already experienced. Considering that Maidame Curie is the Goddess of Time, she probably let them to witness the events again.

    5. There other known maids appear as random encounters. Again, pretty similar to the Kreisia.

    6. There is an item in the shop that allows entering another dungeon. Pretty similar to how it was in the Asdivine Hearts. However, this time it cannot be purchased from the start, but only in the “square” data save. It costs 300 points. It also doubles the number of ACP received. However, I have no idea with who should I talk to trigger entering the tower event :(.

    7. Craft your weapon stuff is coming back, this time even more enhanced. We can add XP, SP and Gold too,

    The Maid Weapons in this game are:

    Sword – Character starts with all of his parameters 2 ranks up. Also each battle starts with full HP and MP.
    Scythe – Enemies start battle with all parameters 2 ranks down. Bosses with 1 rank down. Doesn’t work on metal enemies.
    Wand – Have no idea =P. Something with 40% of the Max BG points that are used to pay skill costs. Probably restoring them (but since all of my battles end before she has the opportunity to act, then I’m not sure).
    Fist – Gives 100% more of Gold and XP.


    Wow, its a good thing you didnt reveal most of the stuff in the game, yet gave a very informative analysis.
    Remake huh. I hope its atleast better than Dios. That was a huge disappointment for me.
    I wont talk.about others since well its still spoiler. And a whole topic with spoiler tags will look messy.
    Though was the game good like Kresia and Asdivine Hearts?


    As of now it is hard to tell whether it is better or worse than the Dios. I don’t know Japanese (except katakana and selected kanji), so I have no idea about what the plot is. Gameplay wise it is not that bad, but then again almost all EXE-CREATE games are the same :P. I once even was joking that EXE-CREATE is such a great company that if You played any of their games, You won’t have any troubles with their newest game. Because in a 80% its gameplay will be exactly the same ;). As a remake, it probably is much better, or at least have much more stuff. The original one (and SaGa) I think were made specially for phones, so while they are not that much different they have a better quality &c. I played the original one for a while, but since I was unable to save the game (the save function was not working), I was playing it for a few minutes only. At least in the SaGa version the save function works normally…

    Anyway, I played a bit more today and even unlocked some stuff. I’m disappointed with the premium dungeon… compared to what we got in Hearts (funny final boss for example) this one was pretty mediocre. At least now I know how to trigger it, after killing the final boss and choosing the second option we are talking a lot with Maidame Curie and she unlocks it. So we have to beat the game two times to be able to open it. At least in theory… The game allows us to play both new game +, or continue our current save. However, when i started the new game +, the save data with different mark (the mark of finishing the game, but not starting a new game +) cleared, and I was unable to play the continued game. Anyway, I think tomorrow I will finish entire new game +, so I will see how good it will be. As of now I can’t see the Gazillion Challenge nor the secret arena, so I’m not sure if they actually exist. And Jolie disappeared or was kidnapped, and she is not doing it either. And also, in the premium dungeon the Maid weapons are not available (in the entire dungeon there is only one armour!!!! and some crappy weapons!!!), and it doesn’t look that Maidame will give us them. Hmm… as of now there is still a single tower that is locked, maybe they’re there… or maybe they will remain as a random drop from the enemies.


    Well that was informative.
    EXE-CREATE should make their games different. Lol I miss Unlucky Hero.
    Well it is true that of every new game they made almost 80% was always same as the predecessors that came before it. For Example Infinte Dunamis and Kresia. Kresia and Asdivine Hearts. Asdivine Dios and Asdivine Menace. Still When Asdivine Hearts was released it had the same GUI as of Alphadia Genesis had. Similarly Asdivine Dios has almost The same GUI that Alphadia Genesis 2 has.

    Well But Still, EXE-CREATE always Has Great Dialogues. You cant beat them there lol.

    So Asdivine Cross is Similiar to Kresia. I actually liked the part where you see the game from Anemos’s Point if View. It gave a new fresh approach to the story. If Asdivine Cross has it then I am sold.
    Ultimate Weapons( Maid Weapons ) I think might be acquired more differently this time. Im Sure Kresia Didnt Have them. Asdivine Hearts was to Defeat the Bosses In the tower. Asdivine Dios were 3 tray gems each to unlock. So I think this game might have different approach to unlock them.


    Cross is pretty similar to the Alphadia Genesis too. Except, that for example we don’t have the “every step” and “never” encounter rates. Just normal, 2x and /2. But yeah, their games have some funny dialogues. In the Alphadia we had a pedo woman hitting on young men, in the Cross we have a sado-maso doppelganger… xD

    I’m not sure what do You mean about the comparison between the Kresisa and Cross. Anemone indeed had a lot of hidden thoughts in the new game +, but here in Cross all of the extra dialogues are “…”. Literally. Almost at the end of the game Hyde (main hero) is starting to notice these ghosts, and starts some fresh dialogues about them. But that’s all, You can count on a singe hand how many times they appeared.

    Anyway, I was about to upload some screenshots of the original Cross and Kemco’s Cross. So wait a few minutes and You will see them ;).



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