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    This guide’s objective is simple: The BEST weapons in the game, FAST!

    If you don’t want to cheese through the game with overpowered levels (see this guide here: ), why not cheese through it with overpowered weapons instead? You can maintain the challenge of the game while still having the option to adjust the difficulty for your fun experience later, or you can go at the game on a low-level run using the biggest sticks possible. And how to do this, you ask?

    By abusing Lucile’s Trust Charge ability to empty the pockets of elite enemies, of course!

    You need all of the following to make this work:
    * Lucile herself, of course. And she needs to have the highest SPD in the party. Adjust this using SPD seeds or equipment if necessary.
    * The ship, so you can actually travel to Fairyland or Deviland. These are the two areas you can hit as soon as you get the ship.
    * Preemptive Jewel OR 2 Accelerator Jewels
    – Anyone can equip the Preemptive Jewel. Multiple Preemptive Jewels stack, but you’ll need to grind for them at the Battle Arena as it requires Guild Coins.
    – However, if you are using the Accelerator Jewels, one must be on Lucile, the other on any other party member.
    * Optionally, also equip a Conserver Jewel on Lucile (causes all Trust abilities to use only 50% Trust charge), so that recharging the Trust Gauge goes by a bit faster.

    To see the exact locations for all areas mentioned, please click here for the world map:

    The basic steps:

    1. Fill up your Trust Gauge to 100%. Be sure that your leader is Harvey so this step proceeds quickly, and be sure Battle Shortcut is off too.
    2. Arrange your character formation like so:
    * Lucile, at front and leader
    * Everyone else (it doesn’t matter where)
    3. Before landing your vehicle on the target area, SAVE YOUR GAME. Because difficulty does not affect the steal rate or rewards, set it on Easy.
    4. Get into a battle.
    * Like in my previous guide about Fairyland grinding, if you are using Pre-emptive Jewels, this step will be rather tedious, because you MUST gain the pre-emptive strike or you will die very quickly. If you are using Accelerator Jewels, you will have far less waiting required, but you’re not out of the woods just yet, because…
    5. Carefully look at the type of enemies on-screen, and how many. If there are fewer than four, you should reset and try again. To make stealing payouts efficient per use of Trust Charge, you should wait until there are at LEAST four enemies on-screen before you attempt this. If you are using Pre-emptive Jewel(s), you may be forced to be less picky if you do not want to spend 10+ minutes resetting for the right encounter.
    6. Lucile should be getting the first turn. Have her use her Trust Charge.
    7. Have your next party member FLEE. Press those boots up over at the upper left corner of the screen.
    8. Profit! Oh, and check your inventory space.
    9. Before attempting to repeat this, be sure to change your leader to Harvey so that you recharge your Trust Gauge even faster.

    Because you do NOT lose stolen goods when fleeing in this game, there is absolutely no harm to this strategy. As for what exactly you should steal…

    (the following information was taken from the enemy guide: )
    *items under Italics are the key weapons you’re here for


    Fairyland’s Notable Steals
    Enemy Common Rare Super-Rare
    Dueler Fairy Heal Elixir Maid’s Brew Rune Blade
    Gloomy Pixie Heal Elixir Maid’s Brew Rune Scythe
    Queen Sprite Charge Matter Maid’s Tincture Rune Rod
    Rosy Sylph Charge Matter Buster Ticket Rune Baghnakh


    Summary: This place has the 2nd best weapons in the game, and usually possess high values with whatever weapon effects they carry. Fairy Fiends are not listed here (they drop Ability Seeds as their Super-Rare steal, by the way). However, for ultimate weapons for each character, look at the latter two areas below…


    Deviland’s Notable Steals
    Enemy Common Rare Super-Rare
    Kaiser Chimera Heal Elixir Maid’s Tincture Oven Mitt
    Kaiser Penguin Charge Matter Maid’s Brew Deathbringer


    Summary: Forget about the Kaiser Squirrel, you’re not here for that Rune Rod trash. That’s what Fairyland is for. Anyway, get the best Lucile and Olivia weapons here! This area is one of two exceptions I’d make when applying the “don’t steal under 4 mobs” rule, because the Kaiser Chimera is a large creature that takes up 2 slots on the field.


    Legendary Sewers’s Notable Steals
    Enemy Common Rare Super-Rare
    Chaos Dragon Alto Heal Matter Maid’s Tincture Maid Bringer
    Motley Kraken Charge Matter Maid’s Brew Carpet Beater


    Summary: Get Harvey and Amelia’s best weapons here! Unfortunately, you cannot come here during your first run through the game. On a regular game, you’ll have to cope with the Rune Blade and Rune Rod for them until New Game+ rolls around.

    This is the other area where I’d make an exception to the “don’t steal under 4 mobs” rule. The Chaos Dragon always fights alone; you may occasionally encounter Motley Krakens in pairs.

    Originally, I wanted to put this guide as a supplement to my Fairyland grinding guide, but this guide serves a whole different purpose: it’s a way to blaze through areas with OP weapons for those attempting low-level runs through the game.

    I was bored while replaying the game again, okay? Apologies for my bad table-making; I don’t know this new forum’s style codes to make one here. As soon as I figure out how to make tables with HTML BBcode, these sections will be updated like so.

    No pictures included here this time; everyone else has already done the screenshotting work for me, by this point. Thanks to those who provided the pictures on the linked pages, by the by.

    EDIT: Tried table code. I hope this works! Thanks for the referral to that help page, MSG Commander.

    EDIT 2: Because of the latest forum code change, I had to fix the table look. It should look nice again.

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    Nice guide ma man. Simple and easy to follow.

    MSG Commander

    Sweet guide! Nice to see some more of your work. 😀

    And just so you know, tables in this forum need to be in BBcode. I’d post the link to Allowed BBCodes but I’m on my phone. Anyway it’s in the Help Forum, and should have all the information you need.

    (Although, the way you currently have it is fine, since you’re only listing a few entries, so I wouldn’t rush to change it for this guide… up to you though)

    All your base are


    Hmmm,that was a good trick,unfortunenately i can’t play asdivine cross for now sigh*

    This one is telling the

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