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    I just stopped right before entering Elysium, but I wanted to get to the Forgotten Village. I have gone back to the Guild, but the nothing is happening. No Madame Curie or Jolie, nothing. Can anyone assist me? Did I miss something to trigger it to get started?


    I dont remember which place Elysium is ( I will assume it is the last place in the normal ending route ).
    Continue the story, it will automatically unlock ( if you are on true ending route aka newgame+). If not then, complete the game, only then will it unlock

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    Adc help map

    Elysium should be at the top of spinrrach tower. In addition, MSG did a walkthrough for Asdivine cross.

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    Thank you so much….I realized later, while going to sleep, that it was probably in the New Game+

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