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    Uncreative Name

    Gosh. This game’s final boss is MUCH harder than the previous final bosses from the other games…
    So, you see, Nullus (The final boss) has a thousand truckloads of HP, loves to have his two flunkies debuff the party (And potentially damage it or even wipe the entire party) and buff himself, and he uses Self-Destruct to wipe the party randomly…

    Before you ask, yes, I did read the guide, and it didn’t help at all (Some parts of it have skills I don’t even have).

    Even on Easy, this guy mops the floor with my party… In case you’re wondering, all of my party members are Level 61. Am I underleveled? Or am I doing something wrong?

    MSG Commander

    Yeah, about Nullus… *sheepish grin*

    I actually had to spend 100 points to continue that battle. (Don’t tell anyone though…)

    Looking back at the walkthrough, all I can say is to go and learn the skills I suggested on that page. Also, you’ll probably want to do some grinding to like, level 100 or higher…

    It’s been so long I don’t actually remember what level I was for that battle; I just remember that it was a real pain, and I went through a TON of potions, and when I died the first time I just couldn’t see going through the whole process again so I opted for the option to continue the battle…

    Perhaps some of our more hardcore members will have a better strategy though…

    EDIT: I did eventually go back and beat Nullus on the first try when it came time to write the walkthrough, but I do not remember what level I was at… only that the battle was still ridiculously hard.

    All your base are

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    Am I underleveled? Or am I doing something wrong?

    You are underleveled. I beat the Light Deity(?) on the NG+ around 69. Then got rekt by the final boss and i decided to power leveling on the areas mentioned in the “unmarked areas” section of the walkthrough. Managed to brute force the boss with ease, like under 6 turns or something, but i can’t remember at what level and with what equipment i beat it. I think i’m about lvl 400ish or so.

    In the walkthrough the party members have over 10K Hp so maybe you should try to level up your party at least until their Hp are somewhere near that number.

    What an ass...


    You cant even dent Nullus with that level. Level upto like level 140 to get a better hand at him, otherwise he will wipe the floor with you.

    Uncreative Name

    I managed to beat Nullus at Level 100 after some grinding in Fairyland (And yes, I did manage to get the Rune Scythe (I think that’s what it’s named) and the Rune Bagnakh). Thanks, guys.


    If you’re like me and must find any and all treasure chests, you can beat the final boss with lvls in the high 90’s. If you don’t trade in the gems from the first play through and you recollect them all again, you can get the best weapons in the game using them. From there, use abilities that only target nullus. Killed him in 6 turns. In general, once I got the rune weapons the game turned into cheese. After forgotten village was unlocked I activated battle shortcuts as fighting got too boring.

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    MSG Commander

    Thanks Ibib37. Having the ultimate weapons would definitely make beating Nullus easier!

    All your base are


    Hmmm,then I am being to overpowered (bwahahahah)with a sword and 30%(above 40-50 is the best) chance of critical, all-arkstone(gems?)and accelerate arkstone(gems?)at harvey you able to farm level(like inflation RPG)at easy peasy metal island(once fail just escape,and save your game before fight the mobs)ahahahahahah,felt OP yet?hmm.not?…….ah I know you still lacking level and weapon(there is a guide of it,at here)

    This one is telling the


    Man, I didn’t read that part of the walkthrough, therefore I didn’t expect what his minions would do… I got wiped out clean being at level 600+ all characters in expert 😐 . I guess I’m setting easy for this dude.

    He took 79000k+ health in one all party attack, that I don’t remember.


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