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    I believe I’ve found a decent method for grinding xp in New Game+.

    This cannot be done in the regular game.

    Lucille will need to learn 2 skills and have 2 specific gems. This is easier to do with either the Rune Bagnaks or the oven mitt. Both easily acquired in your first play through.

    Skill 1: Countdown All
    This skill can be gained from the guild. You will need to get the interrupt gem from the guild store. The enemy that uses it is the Black box. (The one with the purple diglet like creature popping out of it.) This skill will apply countdown to all the enemies.

    Skill 2: Rejection

    This one is harder to get but is used by the Light Deity when you fight her. I suggest keeping saints breath on everyone you can and pumping Lucille full of BG either through items or or the Guage it magic so she can keep hit me and call on at all times.


    Gem 1: accelerate Gem.
    I can’t remember where I got mine but it us pretty much essential.

    Gem 2: Attract Gem
    This Gem is gained at the Guild store. It causes you to get into a fight at every step you take.

    Beat Combo.

    A few details about the beat combo I’ve learned that make this possible.

    When setting up a beat combo there are a few things to remember.

    1) your beat combo will ask for a single target. All skills in the Bc will target that target.

    So, if you set up a BC that attacks and heals, it will attack the enemy then heal the enemy. Useless for our purposes.

    Exception: skills that target self will effect you instead of your target.

    How to take advantage of this.

    If you plan to have your Bc use self target skills while also applying skills against an enemy, the attack skills MUST be set up first with the self target skills next. If you reverse the order, the Bc won’t let you target the enemy and will apply all effects to you instead.

    Our beat combo.

    Set up Lucille to have what I call deaths embrace.

    Skill 1: Countdown all 5 bg
    Skill 2: Rejection 2 bg
    Skill 3: call 1 bg
    Skill 4: hit me 1 bg

    When used, target an enemy. The skill will apply a countdown to all enemies, then change the countdown to 1. If an enemy is immune or missed (such as a metal monster) you won’t have to worry about dying from being hit. Also, if you are first to act in battle (accelerate) as soon as the enemies act the countdown ends for them and they all die.

    I’ve been using this in the legendary sewers as soon as it opened and have gained a decent increase in level. If you take some time to create an xp bonus weapon for each party member you can up your xp to up to 4x normal. If you also acquire an xp gem for each the increase is up to 6x and an additional 50% increase if you have the xp orb.

    This method will probably not work in the training accelerator after a certain level as enemies begin being immune to countdown. Until then however this is a useful combination.

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    Well how about this
    (Beware this post will break a balance at game and you didn’t need to go to NG+ ini order to do this)
    1.found a weapon with 30-50 critical chance
    2.use attract gem,accelerate gem,all hit gem,to someone that has a weapon with a high critical chance)
    3.use accelerate gem to other member (so when you fail you just need to retreat)
    4.set a person with high crit chance as leader(even tough you has all your party member has a same speed the leader will at first position)
    5.go to easy metal island(the place with an easy peasy bullied metal monster)
    6.when you start a battle use normal attacks if it not critical just retreat(well s***)

    This one is telling the


    Good idea when you have the crit scores to kill a metal monster.

    If you use my method in the legendary sewers you can get to lvl 400+ easily without having to flee battles. If by then you’ve been building crit chances you should have a crit of at least 50% go get the airship then you can hit metal island 2 and Just call/hit me with Lucille and all gem hit with Harvey to crit. If you’ve got Olivia and Amelia maxed out on magic you can have them both use substitute on Harvey to help him act again sooner if needed.


    Sure,that was a good help(oh no,i am cursed by 1 of 7 sin :arrogance)well take A look at my method you CAN DO IT BEFORE NG+(tough i just A level grinding tactic,furthermore you CAN DO this after obtain sheep…i mean a ship!!!

    This one is telling the

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    Yes, I finally got all max stats for all characters using ability seeds after hours.


    Nicely done. What are you gonna murder now?

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.


    I tested on Training Accelerator, but still not beat it. Got wiped out when facing one of the girl from Menace team (the purple one) on Normal difficulty.


    I tested on Training Accelerator, but still not beat it. Got wiped out when facing one of the girl from Menace team (the purple one) on Normal difficulty.

    The purple one… as in Litany?

    ٩( ᐛ )و

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