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    is it possible? and if,how can i direct it to lucile? or if not,can i only aquire them from skill bag? thank you in advance.


    Lucille has a skill that causes her to be the target of healing/support skills from enemies more often for 5 turns and makes the enemy use more Support skills IIRC.

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    I read MSG’s Walkthrough of Asdivine Cross.  I noticed that some of the skills Lucille can learn from NPCs were not included – unless I missed them.

    In case I am correct about the learnable NPCs skills not listed, I will include several that I discovered.

    After Chancellor Duncan is killed, head toward Amelia’s bedroom in Luminia Castle.  Right before getting to her room, a soldier standing against a corner wall will teach her a skill.

    Inside the guild, at the SE corner of the main room, speak to the  Tenenbrant soldier.

    (Another Gamer mentioned this one about Jolie Curlie.  It’s not a learnable skill, but this is the time to include it so it’s not missed.  While waiting for the ship, and during the free time to build Trust with the party, head into the left side room of the Guild.  Speak to Jolie.)

    After Olivia and Amelia speak to King Oscar in the chapel about stopping the war, speak to the Priest in the front room of the Chapel.

    After speaking to King Oscar in the Chapel, the party can now enter Tenenbrant Castle.  In either the NE or SE corridor  (can’t remember which), speak to the penguin.


    Don’t forget the ones MSG Commander listed:  The maid in the Chancellor’s home, and the two learned from James at the Watcher’s Hideout.


    That’s a total of seven learnable skills for Lucille from NPCs.  Am I forgetting any or have I missed any?


    In the post game, speak to all of those same NPCs again to receive a gift from them.



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    @uninvented thanks! I thought I’d found everything, but there’s so much in that game I guess I’m not surprised that I missed some. I thought for sure I mentioned the penguin though (unless there’s more than one penguin – or maybe I found him but forgot to include the info…)

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    I couldn’t remember all I read in your initial post about learnable skills.  So it’s quite likely you did mention the penguin or any of the other skills I listed.  Sorry if I stole your thunder or didn’ give you appropriate credit. 😊


    You’re right about how much there is to Asdivine Cross.  It’ an amazing game with so much to do.  I give lotsa credit to Kemco for this game. For Menace, too.


    Thanks to you, too, for all your contributions!


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    I wish I had enough time to replay all of the Kemco games I played and enjoyed including this one 🙂

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