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    I have a problem. I have finished cross, started a new game, and did not retain my prior exp. weapons, skills, moolah, etc. the instructions after I finished made sense to me. Can someone PLEASE step by step go thru the correct process for me so I can get the bonus stuff? I saved the game on 3 different files so I still have two with diamonds attached to the save files. Now what? Thanks


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    Are you talking about Asdivine Cross? At the point where you have to start a New Game+ in order to unlock the second ending?

    If so, this is what I have written at the opening page of the walkthrough:

    “Asdivine Cross has two endings: Normal End, and True End. After the Normal End, you’ll be prompted to save your game and return to the Title Screen. From there, if you load your save data and choose the option that lets you start a New Game+, you’ll be able to play all the way through to the Normal End (with a few small “extra” scenes) and then unlock the True End.”

    If you’ve done that and it’s not working correctly, then my only other advice would be to contact Kemco support. (Although, someone else on this site may be able to help you sort it out; I just don’t remember the specifics well enough to walk you through it.)

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    I think @jeffco58 wants to know how to get all equipment, skills, character levels to New Game +. I only played through it once last year and then I wasn’t paying attention to completing games(Android ones. Then I was all about consoles) more than they’re needed and just rushed through the stories. So I don’t know the true ending yet. I’ll replay the game someday.

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    Step-by-step NG+ for Asdivine Cross:

    1. From the title screen, select “Load.”
    2. Tap one of your cleared save files (with the diamond).
    3. Tap “Load.”
    4. Finally, select “Start.”

    That should get you going on a NG+ with (most) stuff carried over. After the opening bit (that can be skipped by double-tapping), you should see a new scene with Priestess-in-Training.

    If not, you should do as MSG Commander suggested, and contact Kemco.

    Hope that helps! Good luck.  🙂

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