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    Shadow X

    Hello, i leveled up everyone to Lv 999 as soon as i got the boat, and am planning to learn all available skills for Lucile, but i am having a little difficult, some enemies uses skills as Reinforce, Reflect (skill), Reflect Guard, Miracle Body, Yell, Inhibit. I am using Call+Whistle, but the skills are never targeted at lucy or any other ally, i even tried using reflect (magic) at enemies but Self-Targeted Skills/Magic Ignores Reflection, so how did you guys learned those? I still have 1 Skill Bag from early game.


    Same as you have done. No trick just keep trying. You will get them eventually. Good luck!

    Shadow X

    Thanks, i got them all, looks like only skills that targets Self are learned by NPC all others are calling the skill to Lucile with Whistle / Beckon. Well i didn’t put them too much to use since i leveled to Lv 999 right after getting boat at Metal Islands. But was worth it.

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