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    Abdur Rojid

    How to get the achievement of “Whiz Kid”? , because I’m trouble


    You all probably knew this strat already, but 2 years ago, I developed an easy cheese strat for the four Tenebrant Soldiers. I came up with it mainly because I’ve been doing some Low-Level Challenges for the game, on all difficulties. The strat is: Equip Harvey with his current strongest sword (if you have an Avenger, then use it, it would also help if the weapon had an HP Regen effect), some Susnset Pajamas, a Counter Jewel (or you can use an Indignator, if you wanna be risky about it) and a Silhouette Jewel.
    The reason this works is because the soldiers can only do three things to you: Basic Attack, use Slash or use Attack Down. Using the Sunset Pajamas allows you to heal from their basic attacks (unless they miss), then the Counter Jewel allows you to counter all basic attacks (whether they make contact or not, keep in mind that the counter can miss), and the Silhouette Jewel lets you nullify the Attack Down debuffs. Make sure your Harvey has a lot of health for this strat, and only do it if you have some spare time on your hands, as this strat is very slow and RNG-dependent. The Silhouette Jewel also helps you in the second fight against Zig, in case your Harvey is too weak to withstand the magical attacks. Make sure to guard too, so that Harvey doesn’t take too much damage.


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    Low-Level runs & Results:

    Run 1: Easy Difficulty, Olivia Ending & True Olivia Ending
    Lv.55 was my finishing level, so that’s good to know. However, it was not easy and came with its fair share of difficulties. I’m aiming for an even lower level than that now


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