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    Just a heads up (because I learned this the hard way).

    When you start a new game+, you START with cheap armor and no weapons equipped, regardless of what you had on at the end of the game! This won’t be a problem until you enter the first area that was locked the first time through, but if you get there and get owned by the enemies, well, that’s probably why. :whistle:

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    NG+ gives 2 ACP per 3 battles won. This should help those that got the freemium version easily get enough points to unlock the premium dungeon.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Legendary Sewers are located in the Training Grounds. Recommended Level is 500+ on Easy mode. Do not attempt to enter otherwise you will not be able to leave.

    Time Tower is located at the North West corner of the map. Recommended level is 300+ on Easy.

    Forgotten Village is located directly South West to the “Light Shrine”.

    You need 15 Tray Gems, 5 Transparent Gems, 10 Weed Gems and 10 Scratched Gems to unlock Maid Weapons. I recommend Confirming though.
    10 ( I forgot which each individual character needs )Each for Amellia, Olivia, Lucile
    5 Tray Gem and 5 Transparent for Harvey.

    Cameo Characters make an appearance.
    Level 300 , fight with Team Dios, Neo Dark Deity
    Level 500 , fight with Team Menace, Maidame Curie
    Level 777+ ( Seriously, be level 999, even on easy other wise you will die very quickly ) Some non important Match, Jolie Curie, Neo-Maidame Curie ( basically Maidame Curie has now gone full Super Saiyan and if your not level 999 with Maid Weapons, you Won’t even survive 3 Rounds tops even on Easy. Recommended to get all Skills from Nullus, Neo-Dark Deity, Light Deity, Izayoi, Noelle, Litany, Latona, Minerva, Iris, Freya, Jolie Curie, Normal Maidame Curie. Highly Recommended to have 50 Charge Matters, good stats on Maid Weapons, and Good Combos.)

    Defeating Neo-Maidame Curie gives Muscle Armor, the Male Armor which turns everyone into Old man Dallin.

    Defeating Gazillion Challenge give you Maidame Curie’s ??? , The strongest Female Armor which turns everyone into Maidame Curie and Civilian into Jolie Curie.

    Final Boss of Legendary Sewers:

    This guy is a big D for Dumb not “Dragon”. Defeating him will give you Legendary Medal. He is the second final bonus boss of the game, first being Neo Maidame Curie. *Hint* Weak to dragon strike. Can be Paralysed, can be induced with Sleep, Virus, Rage, Idle, Poison etc. HOWEVER I do not recommend fighting this on Any level below 999 on Hard.

    MSG Commander

    Sounds like the game is really heavy on bonus content.

    All your base are

    MSG Commander

    Still on my way to the Normal End, so I don’t know yet but I’m assuming the stone monuments are sort of like this game’s version of the legendary signposts?

    All your base are


    Yes they are however, you “HAVE” to search them, as they are plot devices. It is not an optional thing in Cross.

    MSG Commander

    I just got to the part where they tell you to search for the monuments. I think I’m really going to enjoy this part of the story. B)

    All your base are


    I’m a bit confused about how to start after saving from the normal end. Do I Load, then choose “Continue”? I want to be sure I don’t mess this up.

    Older, but not wiser


    Load the saved game separately ( the one you cleared ) then you will two options. Choose the first one. Doing so will jhave you play the game from the ground up ( but with all skills and levels, its a New Game + ) and from there you will unlock new scenes, new ending route and bonus dungeons and the bonus arena.
    Oh and selecting continue wouldn’t mess up anything.


    Legendary Sewers: on Cross..this dungeon can only be open after beating the game and is found in the sealed doors in the training hall.This dungeon as everyone says it’s insanely 500+ for a lvl is no joke I was 999 before i even beat the first play through anyway..if you don’t want to.spend money on the super rare weapons like the 2%range then here is the last place to get them. If you have super high defense and speed you can survive..also if you use Lucile Special to steal from the monsters then you will have some amazing weapons for customization. You can grab them from the chests on your way through the dungeon. But it’s easier to steal..also every monster here(group) is like a boss fight except more powerful…If you survive to make it to the very bottom you get the option/privledge of fighting madam curies hybrid death beast that is lvl 999 Dominator The beast has 5-6 All party atk skills that if unprepared will kill u in one hit and to make matters worse has around 5-7 Mil HP ..once you beat the beast you get a speech from madam curie as well as the prize of a legendary medal proving you beat her incarnation of Death. …

    Congrats on beating the Games Hardest Dragon.

    Exp to be gained here normally is 500K to 10mil with douple exp u can get 10-20Mil if you kill the right groups of enemies.. Metal Island is a good place to lvl from 100 to 500if you have patience and the all gem and high crit weapons for better chances for lots of exp (Metal Island only surrounded by square shaped reef)

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