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    So, I believe I learned Harvey’s “Dragon Slayer” at Lv. 99. (I learned something at 99, and I don’t think I’ve learned anything since.)

    Are there any skills beyond that? (I’m currently at Lv. 126…)

    All your base are


    Concentration Strike. Truly a remarkable skill.


    You’ll learn Spread Love, Sorrow Ataroth and the aforementioned Concentrated Slash around level 128. You probably already know that by now, though. 😆

    (LV 99 should have been Sensation Song, Scarlet Requiem, and Dragon Slayer….Look ma, I took notes!!)

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Fun Fact: The two last skills you’ll get that costs 9 BG to use and which usually needs time to cast only cost as 8 BG in Combo (you’ll need to pair it with a skill that has 1 cost though since Combos need 2 skills at least). Thus it’ll be insta-cast and with an addition skill to use for the same price!


    another fun fact : combos damage are slightly weaker than skill damage. And combos rebound time is worse than skillsl. check this out, use Magical Tshirt, it makes skills and magic rebound times to 0 , but not combos rebound times. and 1 more, Glorious Slash has highest damage, and BG will still full when Lucille kills the enemies. So if Lucille has max Str, she can always do Glorious Slash to oneshot the enemies without losing her BG.

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