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    MSG Commander

    I’ve finished the True End, but have not done any bonus material.

    Based on the weapons I got and the choices I made early on, I’ve ended up with some cool effects but some that I probably don’t need. Here’s my setup (it worked okay but I’m open to trying other effects on my second playthrough.)

    Crit 91 Poison 79 HP 100 Sleep 100

    Crit 48 HP Recovery 50 Steal 63 MP Recovery 55

    Crit 58 Steal 50 Paralysis 52 HP Recovery 74

    Crit 50 Steal 100 Paralysis 58 INT 56

    Also, all 4 members have an Accelerator Jewel, Harvey and Lucile both have the All Jewel, and Amelia has a Metal Jewel and Olivia, a Box Jewel.

    Now, my first thought is not everybody needs Crit, only one person needs Steal (although really it’s not needed, it’s just one I like to have), only one person should have Paralysis.

    Also, in looking back it seems like HP Recovery on all could be helpful, but MP Recovery might be even better (since I used a LOT of magic in the game.) I will say that Olivia’s INT boost made her magic attacks AWESOME!! 👿

    I generally don’t have a plan at the start of the game for what effects I want; I just take what comes along and make the best of it. But I think I could have made some better choices, that would have made the final dungeon/boss much easier. (I had to beat the final boss on Easy mode – mostly I’m sure because I did not plan it out, analyze all my available skills/magic, etc. But a couple bosses use Dark Inferno, which sets everyone’s HP and MP to 1, so in that case HP Recovery and MP Recovery would have been really useful…)

    Anyway, what does everyone else like or use in their party?

    All your base are


    Bonus game effects , I like are( Which I have on weapons) :

    Harvey: 100 Critical, 100 HP Regeneration, 100 STR, 100 VIT
    Lucile: 100 Paralysis, 100 HP Regeneration, 100 VIT, 100 SPD
    Olivia: 100 Critical, 100 MP Regeneration, 100 HP Regeneration , 100 INT
    Amelia: Same as Olivia.

    What I used on True end:
    Harvey: 83 Critical , 100 Steal, 76 Speed, 94 STR
    Lucile: 75 Paralysis, 67 INT, 25 Instant Death ( I just kept it ), 89 SPD
    Olivia: 100 INT, 54 Speed, 61 Critical , 43 MP Regeneration
    Amelia : 65 INT, 29 MP Regeneration, 76 Speed.


    Very informative. I’m still a long way off, but in this game and one of the prior asdivines, I just don’t find weapons that have such huge effects. How do you get a 100, for example? For example, I’m at level 60 now, and in Harvey’s inventory of weapons, he has one effect (HP) at 80 on one weapon, and no other effect greater than 60. Seems like a long way to go.

    Older, but not wiser

    MSG Commander

    It’s the combination of high level effects, box busters (or whatever they call it in this game), and upgrading for the right effect.

    If you find a Sleep 80 on your first play through, and again on New Game+, well, it’s easy to have 100 by True End. For the others, I just held onto any weapon that had, say, Critical, until I found ONE with 30, and then transferred and started upgrading.

    Again, I didn’t have a plan or pay close attention to most effects. If I had I probably would have gone more for HP Recovery and MP Recovery, and may have even forgone Critical on the two with the lowest rating, and only kept one Steal.

    I think what I have works, but it could have been better.

    All your base are


    You won’t need steal in the bonus content. Paralysis? YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.* AHEM* As for others, MP regeneration is important, as well as HP regeneration.

    Poison? No
    Swoon? No
    Countdown? No
    STR? Yes
    INT? Yes
    VIT? Double Yes
    SPD? Max this, MAX THISSSSSSSS!!!
    Critical? If it suits your fancy, then go ahead.
    HP increase? Don’t waste a good slot on this.
    MP increase? Same as above
    Steal? Not really.


    Interesting and of course very helpful. Paralysis actually useful on major monsters? A bit unusual. SPD–yes, in most of the games I’ve found SPD is a must against the veryvery bad guys. And hearing from you about which effects are NOT particularly useful is unusually useful! Thanks much. :cheer:

    Older, but not wiser


    Paralysis on 100 works 100% on any boss, Maidame Curie is no Exception to this. Paralyze her than just Whack her good, as she stands in horror as you Decimate her MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *ahem*

    Oh and Olivia’s Trust Gauge Skills is VERY SUPER DUPER USEFUL BOSS ANNIHILATOR KILLER DEMOLISHER *ahem again* okay on a serious note, this is very useful. The only skill which 100% inflicts all status effects on any boss PLUS ALL PARAMTERS 2 RANK DOWN ON ANY BOSS( The only skill which lowers parameters down 2 ranks ).

    MSG Commander

    Overall I agree. I personally like Poison for the really tough enemies (like Dragons). Paralysis + Poison = you can usually Guard every turn and wait for the Poison to kill them off.

    I also really like the combination of All Jewel and Accelerator Jewel – guaranteed first attack in every battle, and normal attack (with a high Paralysis/Sleep/Poison/what-have-you) hits all enemies… Delicious way to start a battle! :silly:

    All your base are


    For my weapons, I went for the same formula – Crit + Speed + Strength + HP Regen.

    For that Doppelganger I had some troubles. Since I went on skills hunting, I pretty soon found out how deadly HP Regen is… So I removed it and replaced with Paralysis. But then the enemies stopped attacking at all… and this effect hardly works on the stronger bosses anyway. So I removed it too… to MP Regen. And her weapon now is Speed, Crit, Strength and MP Regen.


    I also really like the combination of All Jewel and Accelerator Jewel – guaranteed first attack in every battle, and normal attack (with a high Paralysis/Sleep/Poison/what-have-you) hits all enemies… Delicious way to start a battle! :silly:

    There is something better. I went for ACP hunting (to gain enough cash to purchase Skill bags), so I set up the encounter rate to Double, the quickest character equipped with Attack All and Berserker (this way I don’t even have to press anything, the character itself is attacking), and to the second quickest character a Berserker (if the main attack will miss something). This combo kills everything without me needing to even press an attack button.

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