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    they are immune to any abnormal status. mostly, all delaying turn skills are not significant. Only Terrorizer (Olivia’s weapon) has best delaying turn, but it doesnt enough to stop them, especially Neo Madaime Curie.

    I try using Parasite Edge (abnormal status rate 1,5x) means that i have 150% paralysis with that weapon, but still, its useless.


    I may sound stupid, but I’m gonna go ahead to ask questions to generate info I don’t currently have and to give us some brainstorming.

    1. Do enemies have BG and MP limits? (Like our characters with 9 BG and 9,999MP)

    2. How much draining do BG Absorb, MP Absorb and other draining/leeching skills inflict?

    3. I observed that you mentioned enemies’ STR and SPD a lot.
    Do the Dios, Menace teams and Madame Curie cast physical skill attacks most of the time?

    4. How much Preemptive rate does per Preemptive Jewel give?
    Would it be possible to stack Preemptive Jewels + Accelerator Jewel to achieve 1st strike initiative?

    5. Are your characters’ base stats at 9,999 or are these stats full AFTER stacking effects?

    6. Assuming your characters have full base stats of 9,999. If you have a weapon effect of STR 100%, is it still capped at 9,999 or is the actual stat value 19,998 (but still showing 9,999 on stat window)?

    7. Have you tried equipping the Impervious Jewel?
    It has the effect of “Cannot Swoon by damage. However, 25% chance of swoon each turn.”

    8. If a party member swoons, can he/she be revived by using Revive Pudding, Revive Matter or monster skill Benediction?
    I know Maid’s Brew, Maid’s Tincture and Amelia’s skill Spread Love are able to revive swooned characters.
    Also, See Noelle’s power! can be used to auto-revive a column of dead characters once (to be casted when they’re still alive)


    Answers for no.1 and 3 : I think their BG and MP are unlimited (sounds weird tho) coz they use physical skills 90% of their acts.

    Answer no.2 : 2 of them using Ultra HP absorb, Ultra MP absorb, no matter how much ours, it will become 1.

    Answers no.4 : stacked preemptive / accelerator is useless coz training accelerator is endless battles 999 floor. so battle at 501th floor is equal to battle at 1st floor. And if it can do as we wish,i think its just skipping Neo Curie for 1 turn, due to her godly speed.

    answer no.5 and 6 : picture , oh, if ur base stat is 9999, then using str +100% is useless.

    Answer no 6 and 7 : yes, thanks to Impervius Jewel , i can go to 611th floor. and i can revive my party using maids brew or maids tincture, both 99 items. the problem is, the enemies are too fast and deadly. one hit kill and column or all enemies. plus abnormal status. only impervius jewel user are still alive and she paralysed most of the time,


    So. I’ll warn you now.
    The Training Accelerator doesn’t end at 999 floors. It doesn’t end, period.


    so i need your help with that searinox šŸ™‚ please share ur strategy


    Answer no 6 and 7 : yes, thanks to Impervius Jewel , i can go to 611th floor. and i can revive my party using maids brew or maids tincture, both 99 items. the problem is, the enemies are too fast and deadly. one hit kill and column or all enemies. plus abnormal status. only impervius jewel user are still alive and she paralysed most of the time,

    Heads up on nullifying the abnormal status!

    Answer is……

    Deity Wig

    Type of equipment: Armor (Def 160)
    A divine hairpiece.
    Prevents abnormal status & parameter reducing effects. (Except countdown.)

    It can be found in treasure chest T5 in Shawarl Checkpoint.


    “Strategy”, huh?
    Well, it’s honestly more luck, but whatever.
    So, my strategy was based off my “The Ultimate Neo-Maidame Curie Strategy” I posted before somewhere. Or:

    Strategy outline

    • Reflect or Nullify enemies’ physical and skills attacks (for physical and skill attacks-based enemies)
    • Reflect or Nullify enemies’ magic attacks (for magic attacks-based enemies)
      Reflect and Nullify are useful to counter enemies’ attacks which can inflict abnormal status on your party members
    • Use Gauge It or BG Absorb if Combos are used

    It’s basically this, taken to the extreme.

    The whole thing of mine is based off the fact that powerful characters deal ludicrous, often capped at 999999, damage to things with weak defenses, and that Reflect turns all of that damage against them.

    So, my set-up was:
    Harvey: doesn’t matter.
    Amelia: doesn’t matter.
    – level: 100; (to minimize defense and therefore maximize reflected damage. Also, no VIT or Ability seeds used on her)
    – weapon: no VIT or SPD, otherwise doesn’t matter;
    – armor: Deity Wig; (protection from some status effects like Sleep and Paralysis)
    – accesories: Skill Doubler Jewel, Skill Doubler Jewel; (for self-sustaining)
    – combos:
    1) Reflect (skill) + Reflect (magic) + Gauge It; (the basis for the whole thing)
    2) Inhibit + Gauge It + Gauge It; (for self-sustaining + help against Countdown)
    Olivia: doesn’t matter.

    Other than setting up Lucile, not much else matters. My whole battle “strategy” consisted of solely casting Combo 1 and Combo 2 in sequence over, and over, and over. Everyone else was there just to pick off the earlier levels to speed things up. The later levels perfectly handled dealing damage to themselves. (well, early. At levels 1000+, they were taking a while, but since there is the damage cap of 999999 per hit, not much I can do)

    So, why I call this thing “luck”? Well, here are a few ways how the whole thing can go wrong:
    1) If the appearing enemy can cast “Hurl”, “Made in Heaven” or “Oh, my!” and starts doing so, you may well be doomed. Deity Wig doesn’t avert the “turn around” effects, so your only hope will be for the enemy to kill itself faster than for your Reflects to wear off/Countdown to activate. And when levels start going really high (say, 1000+), that is unlikely.
    2) If you get Ellis to appear and her AI isn’t glitched into only attacking, her Deathblow! can end the whole thing. Deity Wig doesn’t avert instant Swoon.
    3) If the appearing enemy uses Full Guard… well, have fun killing it. Because for some reason it won’t wear off. At all.
    4) Some enemies can also glitch into doing nothing or just not using anything offensive (for example, Black Box). Have fun killing them, too.
    5) Reflect (magic) lasts for a random amount of time starting from 2 turns. It also has the same status icon as the Reflect (skill). So, not using Combo 1 every 2 turns, because you thought it’s still on (or because of the turn around moves), can end things too.

    So yeah, the whole thing is still “hope you don’t get enemies that screw things up”, just like trying Training Accelerator normally. Maybe there are ways to go further or improve this approach, but this was what I used to get to level 1251.


    awesome. thanks beb, and 1 more please share your Lucille’s weapon and its effect šŸ™‚

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