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    As most of You probably know, the Asdivine Cross from KEMCO is not a new game, but rather a remake of one of the old EXE-CREATE games for mobile phones. This one was released some time during the 2011, so between Alphadia IV and Alphadia V, and several other mobile games. In fact, probably after (or near) releasing their first Android game – RPG Alphadia (which also was their first game released outside the Japan).

    Recently I thought that since I already beat the English and Japanese version of this game, I as well can also beat the original version. During the playthrough though I noticed that there are several differences between the original game and the remake. The storyline for the most part is pretty much the same – the Light Deity disguised as the Shadow Deity wants to wreak havoc, and destroy the world. However, some small details are different that I will list below (with a solid wall of images).

    As of now I just beat the Shadow Deity. It looks like the game features the events from the remake’s New Game+ too (because the Illumina Spire is available as well), but the Deities of Creation are not seen during the game play).

    The original website:


    The differences so far (in random order):

    1. The priestess from the Luminia City was not kidnapped by Duncan.

    2. In the original game we can equip orbs that can be upgraded (similarly like in other early EXE-CREATE / KEMCO games). The orbs can have one of the four ranks – Gamma, Beta, Alpha and Omega. Only Gamma and Beta orbs can be upgraded. To upgrade an Orb, we must go to a shop and pay some fee. The orbs have various effects (for example there is an orb that makes our normal attack either a critical or miss), but I did not notice Elemental orbs yet. The shops sell only the very basic four orbs.

    3.When we lose a battle, we are not killed. Instead, we return to the map with 1 life left. However, our gold is reduced to ¼ of what we had (inb4, not “by ¼”, but “to ¼”). When we have 0 gold left, we still are revived with 1 life left, but then with 0 gold. It looks like in this game we never will see a Game Over screen.

    4. When we first meet Zig, we normally can defeat him. Whether we will defeat him or not, we still are sent flying.

    5. The game is pretty difficult. Even on Easy Mode (and it has Normal, Hard and Hell Modes too).

    6. After Lucile joined the party, she also (what we seen in the NG+ in the remake) goes to the Illumina Spire to meet her dead parents (or rather their ghosts), but this time she receives a Guardian Orb (instead of a Tray Gem like in the remake).

    7. As of now I see 3 (three) Battle Arenas! Each has Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinium courses. They are in the Guild (the most advanced one), in the Tenebrant City (the easiest one) and in the Hideout (the middle one). I will post screens of the Arenas later. The funny thing is that the Battle Arena in the Guild is not being run by Maidame Curie, but rather by a guy next to Jolie Curie. Maidame Curie just says that Jolie is responsible for that (and Julie jumps shen she hears that). Another funny part of the Battle Arena is that its shop has A LOT of weapons to sell.

    8. Jolie Curie and Maidame Curie, of course, are not a part of the original game. As I explained in another topic, the kanjis for both of them are just some generic kanjis for a maid, and therefore that two characters do not have a real name in the Japanese version. In the original game they also do not have a separate mugshot.

    9. Looks like some areas that in the remake do not have random encounters in the original game actually do have. For example I meet enemies in the Checkpoint as well as in the Shrines.

    10. There is an extra village near the Tenebrant City, a Rest Stop similar to the Cottage in the Woods one from the Journey to Kreisia. In fact its purpose is a little different, because that rest stop is here because of the Gloamfel Shrine and the broken path to it…

    11. Olivia does not join us in the Tenebrant City, but in the Cragal Shrine. Here we also get our first Fly Feathers (from what I remember in the remake we get them in the NG+).

    12. In the Checkpoint the soldiers do not stop us to talk and ask for the Guild coupon. Also, at the Guild we do not meet the prince of Tenebrant, and therefore we do have to protect him in the Checkpoint.

    13. The ship is given to us by that guy who teaches about Beat Combos, and not by Julie Curie.

    14. After the battle in the Shadow Shrine, the barrier (this time rocks) do not disappear. I wonder how the soldiers and the King went through it… xD

    15. The game features something like a do-not-play-me-for-too-long systems. Basically freely we can play through an hour (sometimes a little longer), and then the game becomes a little annoying. It becomes pretty heavy, characters and screens move very slowly, and every 30 seconds a pop up asking to register the game appears.

    16. Formations. There are three positions where we can move our party members. The middle place is a 100%. The front is 125% and the back is 75%. Of damage dealt and received. During the battle we can freely change the position without losing the turn. Even multiple times during an action. The Leader can also switch place with another party Member (and therefore trigger a new Leader effect).

    17. Lucile of course in this game also collects skills and magic spells. There are 234 skills/magic spells Lucile can learn in total. I didn’t really care about them, so I was not trying to collect them all, but many skills in the remake here are magic spells instead. For example Inferno costs 336 MP. The Doom Tragedy spell costs 500 MP (as of not it is the most costlty spell I have.. unfortunately does not work on bosses :P)..

    18. To progress in the Rhutti Mine we must destroy some rocks that block the path. To destroy them we must purchase some bombs from Dallin from the Mashrowe Village. He sells them for 1060 gold (1 bomb) and 4000 gold (5 bombs). We need 2 bombs in total to clear the stage.

    19. The dragon boss atop the Mount Cheeka doesn’t give us a Gamble Orb (nor anything else).

    20. Zig meets his father immediately after killing the villagers in the Mashrowe Village. Also the whole scene is a little bit different than in the remake. Zig comes from the left side (from the right side in the remake), and his father from the opposite side. He is not sent flying to the opposite side but rather to the side he came from.

    21. Olivia’s trust attack is different. It inflicts all possible (but countdown) status ailments, but not attribute ranks down. Speaking of which, given attribute at max can have up to 4 ranks up or down. Boss’ attributes cannot go below 2 ranks down.

    22. Beat Combo at max can have 4 attacks.

    23. The Muhnay cave (the one near the Hideout) is completely different. We have to find and kill 2 behemot bosses to get the airship. Each time we kill a behemot, a rock that blocks a path disappears.

    24. It appears that the world of original Asdivine Cross is a one big mountain. The airship cannot move through higher mountains, which means that its mobility is very reduced. I dare to say that using a normal ship I can explore more than using the airship! <_< Also, not only mountains block the airchip, several areas are inaccessible because of artifical barriers (read: "you cannot go there yet!. Move back."). 25. Poison ailment is not as annoying as in the remake. Pretty much we don't have to cure it, because the damage received is pretty small. 26. Something strange. When we kill the first Shadow Guardian, the crystal waits for us and even Lucile after a while must use her head to destroy it (Hyde is weak in hands and cannot destroy it). But when we kill the second guardian, the crystal is immediately destroyed too. Also, after the second Guardian is killed, the Light Deity is destroying a barrier that blocks the Naihmee Village. The barrier is not where the Shadow Deity is, but near that village instead. 27. Before we will be able to fight the Shadow Deity, first we must defeat its Dark Shpere. That two battles comes one after another, and we cannot heal or anything else. The fight against the Shadow Deity is frustrating, he has A LOT of health, and various stupid attacks inclucing mass Inferno. In fact Lucile learnt more skills/magic during that battle than during the entire game so far... It is also worth to mention that while most of the areas are pretty different here and in the remake, this one where the Shadow Deity is is almost exactly the same in both versions of the Asdivine Cross (also the Ophir Woods are MUCH LESS annoying in the original game than in the remake). 28. After defeating the Shadow Deity, the Light Deity began destroying shadow crystals that were inside the room where the Shadow Deity was fought. In total she destroyed like 10 crystals but one. That one crystal is where the Shadow Deity is imprisoned. We also can talk to that crystal after the cut scene. 29. In the remake each character has a weapon of choice. In the original game each character (but Lucile) can use different weapons. The weapons include: Swords, Maces, Axes, Crossbows and Gloves (Lucile only). 30. While the app icon of the remake shows only Hyde, the app icon of the original game shows both Amelia and Hyde, and generally is much cuter. 31. The name of Lucile in the both Japanese versions is slightly different. In the remake she is called Lupinas (ルピナス) while in the original game Lupinas-a (ルピナスあ) using hiragana for that "a" letter (while entire name is written in katakana). 32. After being defeated and falling down in the Shadow Shrine, Zig talks with the Light Deity at the top of a mountain (insteead of at the bottom of the pit). 33. The scene with Zig coming to Naihmee Village and killing people is not shown. 34. After the party's break up, Isaac is appearing before them in the Luminia City and inviting them to the Hideout. In the Hideout the classic "talk to me to gain some trust" event is held. 35. After placing 2 of the Light Crystals at the Shadow Shrine, a scene with Zig talking with the Lught Deity at the top of the Spireach Tower is shown. During it the Light Deity did something to Zig. 36. The scene with Isaac coming to the Spireach Tower is not shown. 37. When Isaac meets the party in the Spireach Tower, he checks both sides of the fork before deciding that the left side will be less dangerous to him (that scene is kinda funny, he first checks the left side, then goes to the right side, and then returns to the left side). 38. During the scene where Isaac is falling down to the pit, Isaac is waiting for us near his switch (instead of coming to his switch when we clicked ours). 39. After Isaac fell down, the left path he chose is blocked by unbreakable rocks. In the post game content that left side is open, but apparently it doesn't have anything (just one or two treasure chests with some Seeds IIRC or something similar unimportant). 40. Surprisingly, while most of the dungeons in the sequel are loosely based on the dungeons from the original game, the Spireach Tower is almost identical in both of the games. Well... maybe except that to get the treasure chest on the right side we do not have to walk on the arrow fields to fall down (that actually are missing), but we normally can jump down. 41. The "lost souls" enemies the Shadow Deity talks about that grant powerful equipment to our party do not disappear after deing defeated. Instead, they can be fought endlessly, and we get the same weapon/armour rewards. There are 3 of them in total, each time they give various amount of stuff (the first 3 objects, the second 2, and the third again 3 objects). The last soul gives armour. Unlike in the sequel, here it is worth to equip these weapons/armour. 42. To path to the Light Deity is locked by some door, and we must find 3 keys to unlock it. 43. Like it was with the Shadow Deity, to defeat the Light deity we first must defeat her Light Sphere. Thankfully after the battle with the Light Sphere, we are fully healed before fighting the Light Deity herself (which nota bene looks more or less the same in the sequel, but is much more sexy). 44. The funny battle with a slime just before the end of the Elysium is in the original game as well (but since there are none Creation Gods, it isn't that important anyway). The funny thing however is that the room where the battle is held is a unique room with its own unique looking. 45. At the end of the game, Harvey and Lucile merge with the Light Crystals to become gods. Olivia and Amelia return home on the airship talking with Zig and Isaac (who both seem to be in a better condition than anybody would thought). Here also we see the Credits. 46. The Forgotten Village is in this game as well, and is in the same place. It even looks similarly, except it has a "door to forest" thing. Some door on the first floor that lead to nowhere. The Secret Arena is in here as well, and it is REALLY hard (and at times funny, for example a battle of animals (party) against an animal (foe)). However it is locked until after beating the game. 47. Aftear beating the game, an empty star mark is added to our save slot. Loading it causes a dialogue with the Shadow Deity. He requests us (a sub quest) to visit the Illumina Spire (?) or a dungeon near the Illumina Spire. At the top of it (the Illumina Spire) we must fight some tiny and really tough foe. After killing it (and also once we entered the Illumina Spire) the ghost of the late king and queen appear and say something to us. Then we can start opening treasure chests (like 10+ in total). In one of them we get some item that allows us getting past a cat in the Secret Arena in the Forgotten Village, and therefore take a part of that arena challenges. In the dungeon near the Illumina Spire (google Translate translates it as "Spirit Township" - 精霊郷) we talk with the Shadow Deity and someone else (that who is named that 精霊郷 too). 48. Funny enough, the Elemental rings do appear in this game too. However, while both the Light and Shadow 50 rings are Alpha ranked, the Void 50 ring (as well a the Void 99 ring) is Omega ranked. 49. After beating the game, we unlock a Cheat Mode! To unlock it, we first must move to map screen (by pressing for example '1" key on the keyboard), and then enter a special code - [b][color color=#ff0000]65506580[/color][/b]. In the cheat mode we can adjust the rate of XP, SP, Gold and Weapon ranks we will get (up to x3). We also can turn on and off the random encounters. Funny enough, this cheat code also works on a save without a star mark. 50. Some Sign Posts reward us an orb. There are probably more differences, but this is what I have noticed so far. [b]Characters:[/b] Hyde: [spoiler][img img=490]Hyde.png[/img][/spoiler] Almelia: [spoiler][img img=491]Almelia.png[/img][/spoiler] Omina: [spoiler][img img=492]Omina.png[/img][/spoiler] Lupinas #1: [spoiler][img img=493]Lupinas-1.png[/img][/spoiler] Lupinas #2: [spoiler][img img=494]Lupinas-2.png[/img][/spoiler] [b]Characters trivia:[/b] 1. On the EXE-CREATE website several characters do have different names. Additionally, on screens available in the net that characters have even more different names! Original name: Hyde On the website: Hydrangea On the screens: Hyde English: Harvey Original name: Almelia On the website: Armeria On the screens: Arureia (Arleya) English: Amelia Original name: Omina On the website: Patrinia Scabiosaefolia On the screens: Ominaeshi English: Olivia Note: She is named after a some plant that in Japanese is called "ominaeshi" ([url url=]source[/url]). Another name for that plant is Patrinia Scabiosaefolia or Patrinia Scabiosifolia. Original name: Lupinas-a On the website: Lupinus On the screens: Lupinas English: Lucile








    Special Enemies:

    Mini Enemies (“Puchi” in Japanese):

    Giga Enemies:

    Metal Enemies:
    They also can only be killed by criticals. Other attacks deal 1 damage only. They have very low health, very high SPD and love to flee.


    Gold Enemies:
    They have very low health, very high SPD and love to flee.


    Some Devil Land Enemies:

    Other interesting stuff:

    Both of the Deities are blinking despite having a solid appearance on the screens. Also, they appear in some places in person (while in the remake they do not) and they do not appear in some other places (while in the remake they do appear).


    Light Deity:

    Shadow Deity + Duncan:

    Maidame Curie:

    Ghosts of late king and queen:

    Sad Bubardi:


    Didn’t you already make a thread about it? Like the Asdivine Cross one.


    I didn’t know that the asdivine series we play is actually a remake! I found Asdivine saga on a google search , so that might be the next game?


    Didn’t you already make a thread about it? Like the Asdivine Cross one.

    That one was just a random images topic, plus the essential data is buried in the 7 pages of posts. I already edited slightly the first post to reflect about what it will be.

    I didn’t know that the asdivine series we play is actually a remake! I found Asdivine saga on a google search , so that might be the next game?

    Yeah, Asdivine SaGa is the only game from the Asdivine series that was not yet released on Android. I planned to make a topic about it too (and probably will do after finishing the Cross), but we will see. I hope the Saga will be released too. Some screens:


    I am looking forward to this. Favourited!


    Ok, I included all text I had in the first post. Later I also will attach screens with bosses, enemies, battle arena &c.

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