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    I mean the item that teaches Lucille a random skill she doesn’t yet know.

    The way I see it, if I wait until the end I could get that one elusive skill that I might’ve missed after narrowing down the choices just to fill out a (so far) favourite character’s abundant skill list. I’m not a completionist but I do push it pretty far for characters I like.

    The down side is that, if other Kemco jRPGs are any indication, by the time I get to the final dungeon my quick battle will likely kick in and I’ll be auto-killing random encounters and not learning skills until I get to the special opponents that the game no doubt has. And by the time auto-kill gets enabled I’m not likely to disable it.

    So what’s the popular opinion? Skill bag early or wait?


    Ehem,that fine if you wan’t use a skill bag,but does’nt use that like a-mad-player if you wan’t use use that to team menace and dios(actually them skill pretty cool and awesome)yeah that my little hint.

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    MSG Commander

    I didn’t use mine at all (and I wound up with a few of them by the end of the game). I wasn’t going for completion though. But yeah, my general impression is you can save it for the secret arena battles pretty much at the very end of the game, against Team Dios and Team Menace.

    But it might be better if someone who used their Skill Bag could chime in. :whistle:

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    Yeah i actually use my skill bag or lucile skill whistle and something like that
    If i look at this game this game is combination game like journey to kreisia,asdvine heart,eclipse of illusion and of course asdvine dios.

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    Well… For completionist purposes, it’s not really that useful. Either you grind every single enemy until you learn their skills on your way and Skill Bag doesn’t have much use for that, or you end up at the end of the game with a dozen or more skills/magic missing and much fewer Skill Bags remaining (so you’d have to either disable auto-battle and start cleaning up, or grind for Skill Bags). And you can’t grind Skill Bags until you are capable of bringing down the strongest bonus boss in the game (well, alright, you can grind ACP and buy them in premium shop, but still).
    Honestly, I’d say use it early. Getting a powerful skill way before you are supposed to get it can be a huge help. Well, if you’re lucky, that is.


    It depends on Your play style. I was saving Skill bags to the very end because there are many skills You can’t learn from enemies. Mostly skills that they use on themselves. Skill bags give You a random skill, and most of time they will give You a skill You acyually can learn from the enemies.

    I say keep Your skill bags with You and try to learn every possible skill You can, and then use Your skill bags. You still will have to grind them if You want to get every skill, so it is not suggested to use them too soon (unless You want to grind even more of them).

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